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Are you fond of preparing delectable dishes or are you the type who would rather whip up tasty treats in a flash?  Either way, your kitchen refrigerator plays a rather important role in meal preparation.

If the cooking stove is the kitchen queen, the refrigerator lands the king position. A refrigerator from Hisense is uniquely one cool partner in your cooking journey. 

With its sleek exterior design, Hisense refrigerators possess superior functions such as electronic touch control, multi-air flow system and fast cooling capabilities that keep food fresh and in great quality.  Its adjustable shelves are excellent for food storage.  Meat products, poultry, fresh produce like vegetables and fruits stay succulent.  

With these dependable features, preparing and cooking food with fresh ingredients to is nothing short of delightful; definitely no food wastage at all. That’s optimum value you get from Hisense refrigerators!

Here are some smart tips for easy meal preps and keep food fresh longer:

  • Lots of leftovers?  Store them in leak-proof, clear containers.  Best to refrigerate leftovers within two hours of cooking.  
  • For smoothie fans, blend your favorite veggies and fruit and pour into ice cube molds and store. 
  • Keep fresh meat, fish and poultry products longer by putting them in separate sealable containers in the freezer.  No need to take them out in its original wrappings unless you are ready to cook them. Re-wrapping could expose these foods to potential bacteria. 
  • Cut up veggies and put in storage jars for a quick salad anytime.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables in separate containers instead of mixing up.  These produce will last longer this way.
  • Give your favorite berries a vinegar bath (1 cup of vinegar to 3 cups water ratio) to prevent molds and bacteria.  Dry the berries and store in a clean container.
  • Don’t want to cook every day?  You can cook 3- 5 days’ worth of food.  Store 3 days’ worth of meals in the refrigerator and you can freeze the rest.  
  • Transfer canned foods such as tuna, sardines or soup broth or fruit into airtight container. 
  • Don’t put milk at the ref “door” area since that is the warmest part of the ref. Store condiments and non-perishable drinks at the ref “door” area. 

Check out the full range of Hisense Refrigerators from selected appliance stores or by visiting the   Hisense website. For more updates follow the official Hisense social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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