Shake Shack’s Lychee Lemonade and Strawberry Cookies & Cream Shake

Here’s looking at the New Year – brighter and sweeter days ahead with Shake Shack’s Lychee Lemonade and Strawberry Cookies & Cream Shake, available for a limited time only!

Dive into the refreshing taste of Lychee Lemonade (S-P130; L-P160), it’s a Shack-made lemonade blended with lychee puree. Or just give in to the sweet-smelling Strawberry Cookies & Cream Shake (P190), made with vanilla custard blended with strawberry puree and vanilla cookies, topped with whipped cream and vanilla cookie crumbles.  So knock back a couple by having ‘em in the Shacks or in your shacks via Grab & foodpanda.  

Shake Shack is just a call away for advance orders (through the numbers listed below).

Shake Shack Central Square I Phone: (02) 82553240

Shake Shack SM Megamall I Phone: (02) 83621450

Shake Shack Greenbelt I Phone: (02) 79336724

Please see attached photos and captions for your possible perusal. Check out @shakeshackph on Instagram and Facebook and @shakeshack_ph on Twitter for updates & deets. We hope ya’ can cover the news.

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