Enjoy Everyday City Riding with The All-New CLICK160

Enjoy Everyday City Riding with The All-New CLICK160

Daily long rides around the city comes with its own set of needs which, makes choosing the right motorcycle a something to take just a bit more seriously. This is particularly true when your daily commmute in and around the city, take as much as the entire day.  

To this end, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country brings The All-New CLICK160. Going by its looks alone, this motorcycle is sure to give you and any rider for that matter, a premium presence on the road everywhere you go. With its bigger scooter look, premium sporty image, a sportier muffler design and colored cast wheel is sure to impress. Even its 3D emblem features adds to its already classy look. Its All LED Lighting System ensures that you clearly see the road when riding at night and its New Headlight and Taillight Design combine a bold look and while enhancing road visibility.  

Loaded with features that allow you to tackle everyday riding challenges with relative ease. First worth mentioining is its power-house of an engine. The All-New CLICK160 uses a 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, SOHC, Liquid CooledeSP+ engine capable of 11.3kW of max power @8,500rpm, and 13.8Nm of max torque @ 7,000rpm. These factors give you the ability to traverse the tight and winding city roads – and breeze through traffic easily no matter what the road conditions are! 

It also starts with the Enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF). This feature allows for a lighter feel every time you take a turn. It also gives better agility and handling as well as superior maneuverability when you need to zip through traffic.

Moreover,  you can enjoy the long city rides without worrying because it has impressive fuel efficiency that delivers 46.7Km/L. Packed with Idling Stop System (ISS) which means that the system automatically shuts off the engine when idling for a few seconds and re-starts it when the throttle is rotated. The result, more fuel savings so you can enjoy your long city rides without worrying about the impact on your wallet. 

When it comes to The All-New Honda CLICK160’s braking system you don’t have to worry at all. It is equipped with Combined Brake System (CBS). This innovative braking system enables you to simultaneously activate the front and rear brakes just by engaging the left brake lever. What you get is better stopping power and superior control especially important when making sudden stops, something any rider can appreciate when riding alongside other vehicles. Along with its wider tire that gives overall stability and better traction in every long ride. 

Of course, any rider would appreciate a motorcycle that takes comfort and convenience when making daily long trips. For one thing, this comes with a firm yet comfortable seat with a height of 778 mm. These factors make riding so much more comfortable and help reduce fatigue and makes city driving more enjoyable. It also showcases the Smart Key system that is integrated with anti-theft alarm, an added safety feature that makes your daily ride at ease so you don’t have to worry as you ride in and around the city. 

Enjoy Everyday City Riding with The All-New CLICK160
New USB Charger

Honda, making our life convenient, also has a built-in USB charging port  that doesn’t need a socket adaptor, ensuring your phone is always charged and you stay connected. This way you don’t miss out on important calls or messages from the important people in your life. Especially, if the motorcycle is your means of livelihood or transportation to and from work. 

The All-New CLICK160 can be yours for Php 122,900.00! With all these innovative and stylish features, the joy and freedom of mobility can be yours to enjoy every day. 

For more details, visitwww.hondaph.com. Stay updated on Honda’s newest products and promos by following Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook and Instagram (@hondaph_mc), or contact 02-8581-6700 to 6799, and 0917-884-6632.   

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