TikTok Kicks Off Biggest FoodFestCampaign, Amplifies Filipinos’ Culinary Diversity

TikTok Kicks Off Biggest FoodFestCampaign, Amplifies Filipinos' Culinary Diversity

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, has launched its biggest #FoodFestOnTikTok campaign in Southeast Asia, celebrating the vibrant culinary diversity in the region. With the month-long campaign, TikTok aims to amplify the local food and beverage industry by providing a platform to bring together food enthusiasts, creators, and restaurants in sharing their passion for food.

Filipinos’ enthusiasm for food is evident on TikTok, where they can freely explore and share their culinary experiences with the community. From recipe tutorials to hashtags and trends like #mukbang, which has garnered over 155 billion views, TikTok has become the go-to platform for Filipinos to express their love for food and connect with fellow enthusiasts, reinforcing its commitment to bridge people from different cultures through food interests. 

The #FoodFestOnTikTok campaign presents opportunities for local businesses to expand their market reach. Through the campaign, TikTok is highlighting its innovative tools, specifically its location function, by drawing attention to its capabilities and demonstrating how it can benefit users and businesses. The feature allows users to tag and recommend their preferred locations, such as restaurants, parks, and favorite travel spots, in their TikTok videos, providing a platform for food destinations to gain public recognition and recommendations.

An array of activities is lined up throughout the campaign to engage the local community. To kick start the celebration, food content creator Jessica Lee Seul will explore popular local TikTok food choices across the city, utilizing TikTok’s location feature to easily mark the location of the dining spots. This establishes a strong foundation and high discoverability among the local businesses she will feature in her video. 

TikTok Awards Top Food Content Creator 2022, Hazel Cheffy, will also release a cook-off video entitled “Foodie’s Test Kitchen” to showcase how she prepares and cooks her favorite recipe. Notably, the esteemed diamond star, MaricelSoriano, is making a special guest appearance, further elevating the culinary experience. With the help of Hazel Cheffy, Maricel hopes to share simple and easy-to-cook recipes that anyone can prepare. 

TikTok is also partnering with Megaworld to celebrate the diverse culinary landscape in the Philippines by mounting an event at the culminating period of the campaign. On July 14, food enthusiasts are invited to attend the #FoodFestOnTikTok event at Eastwood Central Plaza, Quezon City. Food bazaars will be set up to showcase and highlight the different food establishments and food creators in the market. 

To amplify the excitement of the campaign, TikTok’s top food creators will be in attendance, utilizing TikTok LIVE to review and offer an exclusive glimpse into the participating food stalls. Engaging in taste tests and mukbang sessions, the creators will provide firsthand insights into the gastronomic treats available, allowing their audience to witness the wide array of flavors showcased at the event.  

Ten outstanding restaurants will be recognized in an on-stage awarding hosted by Jessica Lee Seulreferring them as the Top 10 Foodie Choice Restaurants, acknowledging their culinary excellence and popularity on TikTok. The event will also celebrate the creative achievements of the Top TikTok Food Reviewer Creators with host and award presenter, Hazel Cheffy. TikTok and Megaworld will co-present these awards, underscoring their commitment to supporting and celebrating culinary talents within the TikTokcommunity.

“Our #FoodFestOnTikTok campaign strives to build a space for the local food and beverage community by broadening their audience reach, strengthening their market presence, and encouraging business owners to freely express their creativity,” says Celina Tan, TikTokPhilippines Marketing Lead. “By doing activations like the hashtag campaign and creator collaborations, TikTok aims to amplify opportunities for Filipinos to showcase their culinary diversity.” 

TikTok celebrates diverse culinary voices, brings global flavors to a wide audience, and amplifies the joy of food exploration, uniting food enthusiasts, creators, and local restaurants. Through #FoodFestOnTikTok, TikTok reinforces its commitment to a dynamic food culture that indulges in the unique stories and experiences food offers.

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