Join Us in Celebrating TikTok PH’s 1st Anniversary of Educational Content Building!

Experts from various fields take the spotlight on TikTok from July 25 to August 7, through the #onlyexpertknows campaign, where they discuss important career skills, and key tips for thriving in today’s workplace.

“Running Man” will hold an online fan meeting via TikTok on September 5

South Korean variety TV Show, “Running Man”, will hold an online fan meeting via TikTok, the world’s leading short-form mobile videos, on September 5. The SBS variety show, “Running Man”, has gained massive popularity worldwide since its first broadcast in 2010.


WWE (NYSE: WWE) will launch a search for its next great ring announcer on TikTok as users can upload their most entertaining videos using the hashtag #WWEAnnouncerContest.

TikTok Provides Its Community with Access to Credible COVID-19 Resources and Information

One of the ways that TikTok helps its community stay safe and informed during the pandemic is by ensuring that it provides the right public information and resources on the platform.

Globe celebrates gaming in Tiktok #GGPHCreatorCup2 Tournament

Globe recently co-presented the 2nd TikTok #GGPHCreatorCup2 tournament, a 2-day competition where 40 content creators grouped in 8 teams competed against each other, playing one of the popular first-person shooter games, Valorant, for the prize pool of $1,000.

A chance to meet #TeamGalaxy Ambassador SB19 with Samsung’s #AwesomePosesUnleashed TikTok Challenge

This year, creators are invited to show everyone how awesome they are with their most creative poses through the #AwesomePosesUnleashed effect featuring the SB19 minis. The challenge will run from April 2 to 30. Participants will get a chance to win e-vouchers, or an opportunity to join an online meet and greet with the boys and receive signed photocards.

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