Meet the Lip Bullet – Issy & Co.’s modern take on the beloved classic bullet lipstick

Meet the Lip Bullet – Issy & Co.’s modern take on the beloved classic bullet lipstick

Finally. It’s here. After three years, Issy & Co. is releasing its bullet lipstick – the Lip Bullet. “We really took our time to develop our version of the bullet lipstick and we are thrilled that it is now here for everyone to swipe on,” begins Joel Andrade. 

Poised to be the lipstick for the new generation, the Lip Bullet is for someone who wants to rethink the approach to lipstick, reimagine the lipstick experience, and redefine what a lipstick can do. “The brand has always been and will always be about inclusivity, which, for us, is all about having options, not conforming, and celebrating individuality,” adds Andrade.

The Lip Bullet has 21 shades and comes in 3 different finishes – True Matte, True Velvet, and True Satin. “We acknowledge that you can only do so much with one finish, which is why we decided to offer three – each with its own unique features but having the common denominators of being lightweight and buildable,” shares Andrade.

Meet the Lip Bullet – Issy & Co.’s modern take on the beloved classic bullet lipstick

The True Matte is packed with intense pigments, dressing the lips with bold color in one smooth swipe. Its pigment-locking sensation makes it truly matte and long-wearing. The 7 shades under True Matte are Renaissance (a triumphant brown), Fresco (a painterly nude), Saint (a divine peach), Muse (a poetic pink), Brutal (a cold-blooded red), Revenge (a wrathful red), and Opus (a magnificent rose).

Next is the True Velvet, which smoothens and blurs the lips. With its color intensity toned down from a typical matte lipstick, the lips are given a soft-focus finish. The shades under this formula are Ingénue (an innocent nude), Bisou (an erotic mauve), Camp (a shocking pink), Decollete (a timeless rose), Beret (an arresting brown), Pose (a legendary brown), and Motif (a melodic peach).

Finally, True Satin delivers understated luxe and polish through its sheer formula and hydrating color. It can also be built up to one’s desired intensity. With this finish, the lips can be clocked with Nouveau (a modern pink), Rococo (a sugary rose), Nudity (a naked beige), Seraph (a heavenly nude), Beau (a boyish nude), Ballroom (a lavish mauve), and Promenade (a popular brunette). 

“With the Lip Bullet, there really something for everyone. If your lips are usually dry, then go for True Satin. If you’re not into touching up throughout the day, reach for the True Matte. Or you want both comfort and a matte look, go for True Velvet. Not only that, but you can also combine the lipsticks to create new colors and finishes,” shared Andrade.  

In addition, the Lip Bullet features a unique shape that makes application easier and more precise. Complementing what’s inside is the sleek metal casing packaging that has a built-in mirror, which makes for convenient touch-ups anywhere, anytime. 

“We are so excited for everyone to rediscover the joy in swiping on a bullet lipstick. We created the Lip Bullet to remind everyone that lipstick is and should be fun. There are no rules. You do you,” closes Andrade.

Issy & Co.’s Lip Bullet collection is now available on Tiktok Shop, Shopee, Lazada. 

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