Live a Full and Active Senior Life with Birch Tree Advance

Live a Full and Active Senior Life with Birch Tree Advance

It’s understood that seniors—elderly people ages 60 and up—have a higher risk of infection and hospitalization. But apart from the usual health problems they get due to their weakened immune system, seniors are also prone to other physical issues such as muscle loss and malnutrition. The elderly are prone to sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. On top of that, seniors are also likely to experience an imbalance or deficiency in nutrients. This is due to the body’s impaired utilization of nutrients it receives. The result of this is not just a slow but steady decrease in the body’s mental and physical capacities to protect itself from illnesses and infection. It also makes seniors more prone to fall risks due to lesser muscle mass and weaker bones and joints.

Proper diet can prevent muscle loss and malnutrition, as the right food and supplement intake can help the body develop age-appropriate immunity boost and muscle mass. But statistics show it can be a challenge. A 2020 study published in the US says one out of two older adults are at risk of being malnourished. And malnutrition-related hospital stays, the study adds, are more common in seniors than in young adults. It is also three times more likely to result in death for seniors. This is a pressing health concern as, according to the World Health Organization, one out of six people in the world will be 60 years old or older by 2030.

But a senior body is not helpless against the problems and issues of aging. Besides the usual check-ups with doctors and constant monitoring of important vitals, it’s best to minimize illness and physical risks by maintaining good health and muscle mass. Muscle mass can be maintained by good nutrition and exercise—both of which can also boost immunity. A diet with the appropriate vitamins and minerals can improve immunity and prevent muscle loss. Vitamin D is known to help improve muscle function, while calcium can help reduce bone loss. Vitamin A and C are essential to eye health, which can prevent vision impairment, disorientation, and poor balance. Vitamin B12 can help with mobility.

Birch Tree Advance is an affordable adult nutritional supplement drink that has these necessary nutrients. With the supervision of a doctor and a dietitian, Birch Tree Advance can serve as a meal replacement with protein that helps build muscle mass and 28 vitamins and minerals—such as Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, and D, Calcium, Magnesium, and Omega 3 & 6—that help boost immunity.

“Seniors need specialized nutrition because they are going through unique challenges in their advanced age. Physically, it means losing strength and stamina they once had that lead older adults to a more sedentary lifestyle, reduced appetite and a cycle that goes back to a further decrease in muscle mass. A lot of seniors can end up with an overall poorer quality of life, a higher risk of injuries and also higher rates of disease, disability, and hospitalization if not given proper nutrition,” said Cheryl Singson, Nutritionist Dietitian of Century Pacific Food Inc.

With proper nutrition, seniors can be healthier, more active, and more mobile. Birch Tree Advance can help provide seniors with nutrition that will lead them to live a full and active life.

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