Biggest SMDC discounts allow you to live in the Largest In-City Residential-Resort Complex

When people think of ready-for-occupancy (RFO), they usually associate it with an added premium. The development is fully constructed, ready for turnover, and has appreciated in value from construction to completion, so prices are inevitably higher.

Resolute in democratizing homeownership and making the luxurious attainable for more Filipinos, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) lets us in on the latest promotions they are offering under their Move In Now Campaign.

Biggest SMDC discounts allow you to live in the Largest In-City Residential-Resort Complex
Shore Residences is SMDC’s crown jewel in the Mall of Asia Complex, and serves as the pinnacle of resort-style integrated living in a premier waterfront address.

An opportune time you shouldn’t pass off

Undoubtedly, now is the best time to buy real estate. It’s a window of opportunity that remains wide and bright, especially given the timely combination of softened property prices and low interest rates. Even more, real estate experts are almost unanimous that residential properties are seen to continuously appreciate, given the positive economic trajectory.

With SMDC’s Move In Now campaign, buying a property now is made all the more compelling. Prospective buyers will be able to enjoy a 10% discount upon reservation on select SMDC RFO developments across the country. The program also enables future SMDC community members to move in for as low as a 5% down payment, and take home a premium furniture item from Our Home. On top of that, they can also enjoy an additional PHP 50,000 discount if they reserve on-site in various open house activities.

This is SMDC’s way of empowering Filipinos to make better financial decisions with the best property investment deals, and allowing them to live better in sustainable, holistic, future-proof, and complete communities. First up on the roster of master-planned developments that SMDC is featuring as part of their Move In Now campaign is Shore Residences, a nine-hectare residential-resort development in the prized Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex.

Biggest SMDC discounts allow you to live in the Largest In-City Residential-Resort Complex
True to being the home of idyllic summers with no end, each phase of the Shore Residences complex holds upscale, resort-style pools as its centerpiece — Shore Residences with beachfront-inspired amenities, Shore 2 Residences with river-inspired amenities, and Shore 3 Residences with wharf-inspired amenities.

Paradise you can readily enjoy everyday 

Shore Residences boldly claims itself as “paradise,” and it proves itself worthy in each and every aspect of the mega-complex. Not only is it a premier waterfront community in a world-class leisure and entertainment hub, which Colliers Philippines sees is shaping up to be “the most desirable place in Metro Manila to live, work, play, and learn.”

It also has unparalleled access to the country’s most illustrious gateways. A few minutes’ drive is what it takes to get to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, the Skyway that connects to both the North Luzon Expressway and the South Luzon Expressway via NAIA Expressway, and the planned Integrated Monorail System that will be interoperable with several modes of transport, including LRT-1, MRT-3, and the EDSA Busway.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the blissful summer state-of-mind that awaits at Shore Residences. Awarded as “Best Condo Landscape Architectural Design” by PropertyGuru Philippines, Shore Residences aspires to make an opulent, five-star vacation an everyday experience for residents, with amenities such as high-style, hyper-sized pools, fully-equipped indoor gyms, intricately-landscaped gardens, jogging trails that weave through the pools and greenery, and function rooms that overlook the resort-like amenities.

All these are things you can readily enjoy. Because Shore Residences has complete, livable units that are ready to move into, the bayside five-star abode of your dreams is now at your fingertips.

A staycation-ready investment

Biggest SMDC discounts allow you to live in the Largest In-City Residential-Resort Complex
More than just masterfully-designed interiors, what truly elevates each and every SMDC development is their hotel-like services. At SMDC, the warm welcome of your trusty doorman and the ever-reliable support of your front desk team truly make you feel you’re in the “Home of the Good Guys” every single day.

A coveted asset, the Shore Residences complex already houses a diverse pool of residents from all over the world. This thriving, vibrant community is evidence to the many astute investors who continue to see Shore Residences’ superb potential.

Noteable is the property’s appreciation of 124% in a span of five years, to its current value of PHP 276,000 per sqm. It also has a record-high CAGR of 14.45%. It is SMDC’s unique formula in residential development, and its commitment to unparalleled customer experience and community development that guarantees you’re in for an auspicious investment.

Shore Residences is a staycation-ready investment, primarily because SMDC takes care of you every step of the way — from digitized property tours, immersive 360° viewings, and simplified reservation and payment processes; to professional property management services that ensure your property continues to command exceptional value through time; to end-to-end hassle-free leasing services that shield you from stress, should you decide to share “The Good Life” with others through short and long-term leasing.

Bask in one of the most astounding opportunities in the MOA Complex today, and move in now to Shore Residences.

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