Listerine Total Care Sensitive: The Solution to Sensitive Teeth

Listerine Total Care Sensitive: The Solution to Sensitive Teeth

Nine out of ten Filipinos today experience¬†pangingilo* (sensitivity), which manifests as a sudden, acute pain in the gums and teeth. This is generally induced by hot or cold food. Even if the unpleasant experience is just momentary, it may be rather annoying and prevent us from enjoying life’s basic pleasures. This is especially true considering that sometimes all it takes to make a terrible day better is a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream.

In addressing teeth sensitivity, most would choose to bear with the pain or settle for short-term solutions. Taking a proactive approach to preventing teeth sensitivity is better than having your guard up all the time and thankfully, keeping it in check is now possible. For an effective, lasting, and pain-free solution to teeth sensitivity, use the all-new Listerine Total Care Sensitive.

With the help of Tiktok stars Sassa Gurl and AC Soriano, Listerine was able to trigger thousands of reactions from sensitive sufferers, fans, and spectators across the Internet. The goal was to spark conversations on certain matters that are not usually discussed, make more people aware about these topics, and inspire them to take control of their sensitivity triggers.

‚ÄúAlam niyo kase lahat ng bagay kaya gawan ng paraanTuladng tooth sensitivitiy ko, ginagamitan ko ng Listerine Total Care Sensitive so ‚Äėdi na ako nangingilo.‚ÄĚ AC agrees and to the delight of their followers, ‚ÄúSassa, sorry talaga. Sana talagauna palang nag #Listerine na tayo para hindi ganon ka-sensitive yung nararamdaman natin nung mga araw nayon.‚ÄĚ They both revealed at the end of their comedic online skits how Listerine Total Care Sensitive can help with teeth sensitivity and their followers do not need to worry about ‚Äúpangingilo‚ÄĚ anymore. 


@itsacslifemasikip Ang dami mong sinasabi te i #Listerine mo yan

‚ô¨ original sound – Sassa Gurl – Sassa Gurl

I love you sister @Sassa Gurl sensya na ūüôĄ pero sana mag-#Listerine ka pag nagkita tayo ulit huh!

‚ô¨ original sound – itsacslife

The funny banter between the two online creators created more awareness towards the all-new Listerine Total Care Sensitive, a mild, soothing taste mouthwash specially formulation with Sensitive Shield Technology that offers all day protection from teeth sensitivity. It also works to continuously build protection from teeth sensitivity by keeping gums healthy and has fluoride to help prevent cavity formation.

Like Sassa and AC, Filipinos can now get immediate relief from teeth sensitivity along with lasting oral health protection by rinsing with all-new Listerine Total Care Sensitive. Available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and online via Lazada and Shopee.

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