The Samsung Galaxy A23 and A13 got Gen Z covered with their awesome upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy A23 and A13 got Gen Z covered with their awesome upgrades

The first few years after college are some of the most challenging. There’s the job hunt, the adjustment from school to work, and the constant need to prove one’s self in the office. There are many struggles in the world of adulthood and today’s Gen Z must keep up. With most things happening online, it’s important to have a smartphone to help them at work and in life.

Samsung’s new Galaxy A23 and A13 are the practical and perfect choice for Gen Z since it allows them to transition seamlessly to work. The smartphones can also be used for leisure when creating or consuming content. Both are affordable so first-jobbers can quickly save up for them and upgrade their mobile experience.

Upgrade to a bigger screen

A smartphone packed with innovations can complement a desktop computer or a laptop. Samsung’s smartphones serve as an alternative work device that can be used even away from the desk. The Galaxy A23 and A13 have a 6.6” TFT V-Cut Display. Both are large enough to display emails, presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Outside of work, the FHD+ display boosts movie night by making videos smoother, clearer, and sharper.

Upgrade to a better camera system

Many Gen Z Filipinos love fun-filled activities and creating memories with friends. To ensure that they don’t miss a single moment worth remembering, having a high-quality camera to capture even their silliest experiences is a must, which both the Galaxy A23 and A13 deliver. These smartphones take mobile photography to greater heights with their Quad Camera.

This is led by the 50MP Main lens, which snaps memorable moments in clear detail. Aspiring content creators can use this to shoot outfits of the day (OOTDs), Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos. The Galaxy A23 has an additional Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system, which records videos more smoothly and captures finer details even in low light.

Its other lenses let Gen Z play around with their content so they can express themselves. The 5MP Ultra Wide camera adds more perspective to any shot, perfect for travel photos and cityscape photography. For subjects that require close-ups, the 2MP Depth and Macro lenses capture intricate details and make them stand out.

Upgrade to bigger storage

Samsung continues to raise the bar in terms of storage so there’s no need to delete files. Both the Galaxy A23 and A13 have 128GB of storage, which can be expanded by up to 1TB. That’s big enough to store all work files, photos and videos, and even downloaded movies and TV shows.

With these awesome features, first-jobbers can get ready for the next chapter of their lives. 

The Galaxy A23 and A13 are available in all Samsung Authorized Stores and online at the following prices:

●     Galaxy A23 (6+128GB): PHP 13,990 SRP

●     Galaxy A13 (6+128GB): PHP 11,490 SRP

●     Galaxy A13 (4+128GB): PHP 10,490 SRP

Both smartphones come in Awesome BlackAwesome Blue, and Awesome Peach. The Galaxy A23 is also available in Awesome White.

In addition to these awesome upgrades, Samsung, in partnership with Face Republic, is offering a free set of five Face Republic face masks with every purchase of a Galaxy A13 from the Samsung Flagship Store on Lazada and the Samsung Official Store on Shopee. The freebie bundle is only available from June 1 to June 15, 2022.[1]

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