BAJULA expresses romantic longing and desire on music video of “Catching You”

BAJULA expresses romantic longing and desire on music video of “Catching You”

Watch the official music video of “Catching You”

Production duo Bajula brings back a mesmerizing throwback of New Jack Swing aesthetics and ‘90s R&B vibes on the music video for their debut track “Catching You.”

Taking control of their narrative with simple but finely crafted visuals, the soul/pop/bedroom act expresses romantic longing and desire in an interesting way as they look straight into the camera and awkwardly sashay to the groovy melodies of the song.

According to Jolo “Frazier” Juatco, the music video is an attempt of the duo to present their music and character for the first time to the general music public. “We did it all DIY,” shares Frazier. “As independent artists, it’s a humbling experience to take control of the visual narrative and reflect ideas on something that is representative of your art. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far as a creative team.”

The visuals are helmed by Bajula themselves, and co-directed by their sound engineer, Hennie Ken Avila. “The concept was basically just us introducing our style and music to the public; it’s just the two of us singing and showing our awkward dancing skills mixed with some retro 80’s vibe,” Alvin “Vertigo” Guanlao points out. 

Brimming with smooth, soulful vocals and sophisticated production details, “Catching Feelings” evoke the syrupy sounds of the past, while making a personal statement about romantic relationships, and the complicated experiences that goes with it. “Catching You is confrontational as it is drunken: delivered from the perspective of someone talking to no one but himself, and admitting that there’s work that needs to be done in order for the relationship to work,” Frazier shares in a statement.

“Catching You” was the last track to be written and produced off their soon-to-be-released record, Sensual Dance Club, which the eclectic duo wrote, arranged and produced in the middle of the pandemic. 

Watch the music video here


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