GCash sets up cashless cafeterias, digital rewards for BPO employees

GCash sets up cashless cafeterias, digital rewards for BPO employees

Those working in BPO companies know all too well that a short 15-minute break is too precious to be spent in the cafeteria, waiting for change from cash they spent for coffee. Similarly, the time it takes to wait for their work incentives, which usually come in the form of gift vouchers, usually take too long to arrive in the mail. Often, they also have to deal with the inconvenience of withdrawing cash from ATMs to buy their essentials.

But all that is about to change! During the recent webinar organized by leading mobile wallet app GCash, called “GShift: Advancing Digital Financial Solutions for BPOs,” GCash president and CEO Martha Sazon said, “The pandemic brought about a massive demand for safe and convenient access to digital payments and transfers. GCash responded to this growing demand with our relevant products and services and cemented our position as the number 1 mobile wallet in the country!”  

To build on its vision of providing financial solutions for all, GCash has initiated various digital financial solutions and programs that are in line with BPOs’ drive toward digital innovation, which were presented by GCash AVP and Head of BPO Enterprise Kim Pineda. To further encourage a cashless ecosystem in the workplace, merchants within the BPO company can now accept payments from employees using the app’s QR code under GCash’s Cashless Cafeteria Program. For BPO employees, that means less hassle if they don’t have exact change and no more waiting in long lines during short work breaks.

“With COVID-19, it’s very important to go cashless,” shared Potski Alvarez, Ibex Global Philippines’ country manager, who has partnered with GCash. “As a BPO company, we house our concessionaires and cafeterias, so it’s become even more vital to do cashless transactions. And GCash has helped us with that, especially as our teammates interact daily with these vendors.”

Joining the very timely and relevant GCash webinar were various friends and partners from the BPO industry including Ibex Global Philippines’ senior vice president for Business Development Eric Kaufman, Concentrix Philippines’ vice president for People Solutions Hazel Bañas, Concentrix Philippines’ senior project manager Dan Lester Guevarra, and Teleperformance’s administrative services manager, Rowena Belmonte. GCash VP and Enterprise Head Luigi Reyes also attended the online event.

Additionally, for disbursements, the GCash PowerPay+ allows the company to disburse incentives, allowances, reimbursements, cash advances, and salaries immediately. Whereas pre-pandemic, companies use physical items for rewards or use cash for payroll every 15 days, making it more costly at scale, now employees can enjoy their rewards, incentives, or salary in real time.

With easy access to their money anytime, anywhere, they can immediately pay for their bills or buy their lifestyle and essential needs. 

With these initiatives, GCash is also creating awareness and educating BPO employees on their finances through a financial literacy program and the app’s various financial services as part of their vision of financial inclusion for all Filipinos. Aside from paying bills, buying load, and sending money, Pinoys can save or grow their money safely and securely through the GCash app’s many features such as GSave, GInsure, GInvest, and Credit. The app also has a GLife feature which includes over 35 brands for essentials such as food, groceries, gadgets, and more.

For more details, visit https://www.gcash.com/business. 

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