Prosperity Heights is Best for the Present, and Prepared for the Future

Prosperity Heights is Best for the Present, and Prepared for the Future
Prosperity Heights Building Facade

“Future proofing” is a term tossed around more and more nowadays. It is a phrase used in creating methods, structures and systems that protect the user from whatever stresses it may encounter in the future, as well as ensure its long-term success. Given the current situation, there are two futures that lay in our horizon: a prolonged pandemic, or—hopefully, thanks to the development of vaccines—a nearing tomorrow where the outside world is safe from threatening disease and life is back to normal. 

No matter what the future brings, Prosperity Heights is the prime example of a residential

development that is future proofed. Located within Quezon City, Prosperity Heights is a development of NewBeginnings Inc., a member of the B&P Property Group™. Prosperity Heights is strategically situated in Tandang Sora Ave., which offers a safe haven in the middle of the city—a must-have in pandemic living—while offering comfortable access to essential establishments as we wait for the return of our normal way of living.

Composed of 117 units, Prosperity Heights offers a bigger unit cuts than usual, perfect for a socially distanced way of living. A studio unit is 27sq.m., a one-bedroom unit is sized at 49sq.m. and a two bedroom unit is measured at 54sq. m., allowing unit owners to carve out dedicated areas for leisure, working, and even isolation and personal space, if needed. Each unit comes with its own balcony for proper air ventilation in the new normal, and as an extended hosting space when gatherings are allowed once again in the future.

In all versions of the future, the people behind Prosperity Heights has its residents always first in mind. Its property management personnel not only safeguards the building against infection from outdoor sources in the pandemic, but it is also equipped with security features that will keep the building safe when more visitors and outside guests are welcome once again.

Its incredible location also plays a huge part in the future proofing of Prosperity Heights. The development is located near top-notch hospitals, supermarkets, and main thoroughfares such as Commonwealth, Quezon City Circle, EDSA, and Katipunan—perfect for gaining easy access to essentials during the pandemic. 

Prosperity Heights is Best for the Present, and Prepared for the Future
Prosperity Heights Lobby

Moreover, its location makes Prosperity Heights the perfect ready-to-move-into place to live, post-pandemic: under construction is the Metro Rail Transit 7 and Metro Manila Subway, public transport systems that are located a short walk from Prosperity Heights and will have terminals in Tandang Sora. More than that, the building is located near prime schools, universities, malls and religious institutions in the area, too. Once life goes back to normal and schools, religious gatherings and longer mall visits no longer pose any health risks, then Prosperity Height’s convenient location allows its residents to enjoy life as we have always known it.

Speaking of residents, the individuals and families who already currently reside in Prosperity Heights offer their opinions on why it’s such a good place to live, in both the present and future:

On positively affecting every part of its residents’ lives: 

“There are lots of things I love about residing in Prosperity Heights. First would be the location. It is along Tandang Sora Avenue and gives me easy access to everything, especially my Church. 

I love the unit size because it is much bigger compared to other condominiums. The view at the roofdeck helps me relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. 

Most importantly, the owners and property management team really show their concern and love to their clients, especially during this pandemic.” 

—Engr. Randy Aureada, unit owner

Prosperity Heights is Best for the Present, and Prepared for the Future
Prosperity Heights Roof Deck Pool and Lounge

On security and community

“What I like about living in Prosperity is that there is 24/7 Security and CCTVs in all floors, hallways, even in the basement. I am at ease that my family is safe while I travel for work. The staff are very courteous and accommodating, and our neighbors to date are respectful and respectable. It is peaceful living in our area. 

Despite the condominium setting, my kids are able to run around on the roof deck, play in the tiny playground, and my wife is able to bake and take care of her plants. I am able to do my daily exercise as well.” 

—Atty. Raoul Jann R.  Balanquit, unit owner

On the elevated quality of home living, despite the pandemic

“We moved to Prosperity Heights 14 months ago, and so far so great. The size  is spacious for a Studio type unit, the bathroom has a large shower area, and the vaulted ceiling allowed us to build a loft without feeling cramped in.  

But the best part of living here is waking up at sunrise, with the view of Sierra Madre welcoming you, since the building has an unobstructed, 360-degree view of the mountains. As we experience this pandemic, we are fortunate to be here in Prosperity Heights.  The common areas were constantly disinfected to ensure The safety of residents, tenants and staff.  

Best of all, having a playground and a pool on the roof deck still gives us a feeling of freedom and space, as well as keeps our children entertained.” 

—Sheila Gomez, unit owner

Join these residents as the newest community member of Prosperity Heights, truly the better place to live during this pandemic and beyond. While 83 percent of the development is occupied, 20 units are still available for occupancy, ready to welcome new residents as we ride out this pandemic into what is hopefully a brighter future. 

For more details, visit and start living your future-proofed life.

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