Cop that Greek glow with Beauty Bar’s newest skincare brand: Korres. Born out of Athens’ longstanding homeopathic pharmacy in 1996, its founders—Pharmacist Giorgos Korres and Chemical Engineer Lena Korres—continue to deliver safe, effective, clean plant-powered products. The brand uses natural, high-quality ingredients that are endemic to Greece like Greek Yoghurt, Green Olive, Wild Rose, and Pomegranate. It also follows a strict seed-to-skin system, which Korres developed to maintain a sustainable production process. With Greece, nature, its apothecary heritage, science, and aesthetics as its driving forces, Korres is the brand you can trust for your beauty needs. 

A clean and sustainable beauty line 

Korres is built on a team of botanists, pharmacists, and scientists. Together, they created a Full Circle™ system—which is a six-step process powered by six labs—that encompasses every part of their production. It begins with the Soil Lab wherein ingredients are cultivated in healthy Greek soil whilst supporting local farming communities. Second is the Extraction Lab where ingredients undergo a zero-waste extraction process. This is followed by the Molecular Lab where Korres’ team constantly studies plants at a cellular level to understand and identify which ingredients work best for different skin types. Fourth is the Formulation Lab where a women-led Research & Development team tests each product 500 times to ensure peak efficacy and safety. After which, beautiful yet recyclable packaging is produced at the Design Lab. Lastly, the sixth step happens at the Recycle Lab where empty containers are reborn as packaging, art objects, and even furniture.

All-natural ingredients from Greece

The team behind the Greek beauty brand built a library of over 3,000 herbal remedies and established Korres formulas from a deep knowledge of homeopathy and biological research. Choose the range that meets your specific skincare needs with Korres’ wide assortment of Bath & Body products:

Soothing Greek Yoghurt

A generations-old essential in Greek skincare, Greek Yoghurt soothes inflamed and irritated skin. Rich in pre + probiotics, Korres’ Greek Yoghurt formulas replenish hydration, reduce redness, and rebalance sensitive skin with natural nutrients. Harness its benefits by trying the bestselling Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser, which also removes impurities, make-up, and mascara. For healthy-glowing complexion, the Comforting Probiotic Serum and Comforting Probiotic Moisturiser promise 48 hrs soothing hydration and maintainance of the skin’s microbiomebalance. For stressful days, sooth dehydrated, dull-looking skin with the Probiotic Nourishing Sleeping Facial and the Hydra-Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask.

Hydrating Yoghurt The Suncare Collection

Seek the warm golden rays without fear! The Yoghurt Suncare Collection helps all born-sun-addicts enjoy the sun wherever and whenever, in a respectful way both for their skin and the environment. The four-product line-up features the world-renowned super hydrating, cooling power of yoghurt and its invisible-on-the-skin textures—including the best-selling Yoghurt Cooling Gel, which took three years of research and advanced formulation. This ultra-cooling body and face cream-gel is made with real edible yoghurt that moisturizes and nourishes the skin for long-lasting freshness and comfort. Complete your sun-protection collection with Korres’ Yoghurt Sunscreen Face + Eyes Cream-Gel and Tinted Sunscreen Face Cream for lightweight, long-lasting active hydration.

Healing Pure Greek Olive

‘Mother Earth’ Crete–as Greeks call it–is the largest and most fertile island in Greece. It’s also home to ancient olive trees that produce superior olive oil, which Korres sources and integrates into its extensive range of moisturizing skincare, bodycare, and lipcare essentials. Promising elastic skin, soft shiny hair, and velvet lips, the range features nourishing day and night creams, hand and body creams, lip oils, body balsams, creamy cleansing emulsions, creamy foam shower gels, and 100% natural olive oil-base soap bars. The collection also includes the must-have superstar multitasker Pure Greek Olive 3in1 Nourishing Oil that intensively nourishes the face, body, and hair—it’s your all-in-one beauty secret in a bottle!

Brightening Apothecary Wild Rose

Capture the effortless Greek glow with Wild Rose formulas designed to reduce discoloration, brighten, and even skin tone. Wild Rose is a legendary Korres collection—a synonym for glowing, silky skin for the past twenty-five years. Now it stands more powerful than ever with infused wild rose oil and Super Vitamin C that has 1000% better absorption than pure ascorbic acid 1 (this is the golden standard of vitamin C- for the most advanced brightening and first wrinkles improvement ever experienced!) The range includes day and night creams, cleansing foaming creams, exfoliating cleansers, and the Allure-awarded Advanced Brightening Bi-Phase Booster with 15% Super Vitamin C to reduce all signs of premature ageing and fatigue for spotless, luminous skin. 

Balancing Pomegranate

Korres created an exclusive line for combination and oily skin using antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract, which helps minimize pores, smoothen texture, and balance oil production. Infused with Salicylic acid, the Pomegranate Pore Blurring Gel Moisturizer blurs pores while deeply hydrating the skin to for balanced and clear complexion. An essential beauty on-the-go, the Triple-Dose Resurfacing Mask is made with three distinct exfoliators to smooth skin and minimize the appearance of pores in just one use. Complete the beauty ritual with the Refining Cleansing Gel, a powerful, refreshing cleansing gel that unclogs pores and targets oily skin needs.

Choose skincare you can trust

Korres is more than just surface-level beauty—it’s all about sincere love for the earth, local communities, and yourself. Every product is produced intentionally and ethically with scientific research to back up every move. In addition, the brand continues to support organizations like the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation to help protect the biodiversity of the Greek seas and reforest the Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows. Be part of the movement by choosing the beauty brand that truly cares. Choose Korres. 

Shop Korres in select Beauty Bar stores, beautybar.com.ph, trunc.ph, and the Korres Flagship Store in LazMall.

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