2021 2nd Quarter ASEZ WAO Activities in the Philippines

2021 2nd Quarter ASEZ WAO Activities in the Philippines

Spreading of COVID-19 is not diminishing soon. Day by day, the virus is spreading to thousands of people. As so many Front-Liners are sacrificing their time and effort, their tiredness is piling up and their hope is also dropping. In times like this, there is a group that lift up the spirits of the medical front-liners through Snack of Love!

This is a group called, ASEZ WAO- Young Adult Worker Group of the World Mission Society Church of God, led by Kim, JooCheol (General Pastor of the group), commemorating the World Environment Day (June 5), many volunteer activities are held all throughout the world from May to July. The agenda is about ‘No More GPGP’- cleaning up and picking up plastics at the parks, creeks and streets within the busy cities; and also to plant trees under the agenda of ‘Mother’s Forest’ to help slow down global warming. This group is also fighting against green gas emission under the agenda, ‘Green Workplace’ by avoiding to waste energy through different campaigns. Lastly, they also continue to practice encouraging the Front-liners who are fighting against Covid-19 through ‘Heart to Heart-Relay’- snack boxes and help them overcome the crisis.

In Quezon City, ASEZ WAO Volunteers performed ‘Heart to Heart Relay’, on the 23rd of June, 2021 at the Delos Santos Medical Center and offered 300 Snack Boxes to Covid-19 Front-Liners. Within the Snack boxes, there are energy bars, donuts, candies, drinks and most importantly, hand written inspiring letter notes. These snack boxes were packaged from 9am in the morning and was delivered to the hospital at 2:30pm. This event was strictly managed with the Covid-19 protocols- social distancing, hand sanitizing, temperature check and even wearing the masks with face shields the whole time.

2021 2nd Quarter ASEZ WAO Activities in the Philippines

Francis S. Castil (Executive Assistant to the President and CEO) and Kitten Perez (Senior Manager for Corporate Communications) were moved with the efforts and concerns of the young adult group and said, “We are so inspired to collaborate with this group that is full of energy and love for the Front-Liners”.

ASEZ WAO representative, Kit Johanna Marquez also had delivered the warm message, “For sacrificing in times like this, we appreciate all the efforts of the Front-Liners. If it wasn’t the Front-Liners, we would all be affected. We cheer for your wellbeing so that the end of Covid-19 will be nearer. Thank you for giving us a healthier future.”

A volunteer who joined the whole process of packaging to delivering the snack boxes, Kathlynn Blanca has said, “This whole program is a way to deliver our feelings and support to the Front-liners and it is my pleasure to be a part of this group to encourage and inspire them.”

2021 2nd Quarter ASEZ WAO Activities in the Philippines

The next day, 24th of June, another 300 snack boxes with hand written letters were delivered to Pasig Medical City. On the 30th of June, more snack boxes will be delivered to AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital. End of last year, 740 snack boxes and 500 masks were also donated to UP-PGH, Mandaluyong Public Hospital and Laspinas Public Health Center. As climate change is also prevalent in the country, ‘No More GPGP’ was performed in Quezon City, Manila, Pasay, Davao, Valenzuela and Caloocan. Not only that, but the organization gave a hand to those who are in need through donating 3 thousand water bottles, 180 sacks of (5kg) rice, 300 matrices and 300 blankets to refugees in Tagaytay City, after the eruption of Taal Volcano.

Let us Save the World from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and We are One Family- ASEZ WAO is actively supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of the Earth in the whole world. Support Education, develop Welfare System, Develop Emergency Reliefs, Cultural Sharing, Climate Change, Reduce Plastic, Land Habitat Protection, Sea Habitat Protection related activities and campaigns, forums, partnerships and many more are continuously performed by ASEZ WAO.

Among all of these, reducing plastics was the biggest topic discussed during ‘2021 P4G Seoul Summit’ held in South Korea. PSG is a global summit where 12 countries and different global private sectors come together to fight against ‘Climate Change’ and aims to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The achievements of ASEZ WAO was recognized by the President of United States of America, the Under Secretary of DENR of the Philippines, Mayor of Salt Lake City, USA, Mayor of Huancayo, Peru, Mayor of Buenos Aires, Argentina and so on.  

16 thoughts on “2021 2nd Quarter ASEZ WAO Activities in the Philippines

  1. I was very moved that there are still people who cares for others unconditionally especially in this time of pandemic.

    Truly they are heaven’s sent!
    In our place most people try to take advantage of each other during this time of pandemic, but to my surprise this group still makes every effort to care and appreciate other people’s effort for the community!

    I hope to continually hear such comforting news in the future! 💕

  2. While browsing some news, i saw this article. And i can say I’m amaze by this organization AZES they have wonderful heart and spirit. I hope other youth can also participate in this kind of event. I personally want to join this AZES WAO 😁 Good job ❤️

  3. I am deeply touched to have read this news.
    I’ve seen this youth volunteers in Manila bay clean up (if I am not mistaken). Thank you for the great effort that you’ve been doing to cheer up our front-liners who devote their lives to secure the lives of our fellow countrymen amidst covid19.

    I felt proud and grateful to see young people scores at their young age, sharing love to our front-liners.

    Keep it up guys! We need people like you in this society.

  4. I’ve had the change to work with this group as well in one of their volunteer services. What this group is doing is truly a breath of a fresh air. Good job, ASEZ WAO!

  5. Wow! I was amazed with this organization. They are spreading love to one another. Keep up the good heart and I hope the whole world will be filled of people like you. Thank you for your efforts.

  6. Wow just saw this article today. Ngaun ko lang nairinig ang asez wao but this group is so amazing they are risking their lives to show love. In times like this, we really need to share love to one another.

  7. I am moved by the sincere love and effort of this church organization! The earth would be a better place if all of us have the same mind. If I could participate in their activities, I would do so!

  8. With so many things happening around us, the pandemic brought so much stress to so many..
    And now there is also an imminent threat in Taal and so many bad news…

    Finally, this is like a breath of fresh air! Seeing the vigorous youth volunteers help other people, I still believe there will be a bright future for the Philippines 💪🏼

    I am rooting for you guys!

    Hope all the youth out there are like these volunteers!

  9. Amazing😍!!
    Such selfless act of volunteers that admires me the most. That i may do so to my neighborhood.
    Great Job👍thank you for your kindness and love.

  10. Amazing! Great job ASEZ for doing these, especially to the frontliners who are devoting their lives just to combat COVID. Maraming, maraming salamat!

  11. Wow. There is still a good organization who always contribute in our society. Thank you Asez WAO for consistently inspiring and appreciating our frontliner in the Philippines! Thank you for sharing your love to the people. I would like to join with you next time if there is a chance.

  12. Wow! I must say that these efforts embody the spirit of what it means to really be the change you wish to see in the world.

    This is so selfless and ongoing volunteer leadership to support our frontliners! Nice Asez!

  13. Wow! Amazing people, even in this time of pandemic crisis they are willing to help this group is truly amazing! Thank you Asez Wao!

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