Axe Ice Chill and Axe Ice Breaker

Looking good is some times not enough. One must also smell good to have that perfect look.

It can boost your confidence if you know for yourself that you can get close to someone anytime without worrying about turning them away because of body odor, though social distancing is a must these days, haha!

Axe Deodorant Bodyspray can give you that extra boost in your confidence and extra cool feeling with their newest products Axe Ice Chill and Axe Ice Breaker.

AXE ICE CHILL is Axe’s freshest fragrance yet made for Men. Its scent is composed of natural watery notes and enhanced by Frozen Mint and Lemon which leaves you smelling fresh. Axe Ice Chill Body Spray also has instant cooling benefits that cools your skin by up to 11C so you can stay cool and confident any time.

AXE ICE BREAKER is the clean and refreshing scent of Axe with the aromatic freshness of icy lemon and mandarin. It cools your skin down by up to 11 degrees to help you #KeepYourChill.

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Check out AXE ICE CHILL and AXE ICE  BREAKER in Shopee using these links:

Axe Ice Chill


Axe Ice Breaker


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