BEY shows a different side of her in latest single “nevermind”

BEY shows a different side of her in latest single “nevermind”

Up-and-coming Filipino artist BEY just released her second single “nevermind” under Universal Records on June 4, 2021. Produced by Eunice Jorge of Gracenote, “nevermind” is an antithesis to her debut single “Crash Landing” that showed the uncertain yet exciting part of being in love. Her latest single leans towards the heartbreaking out-turn of a relationship falling apart. BEY posted a series of photos on her Instagram account that perfectly encapsulates what the song is all about.

Since her debut as an artist at the start of the year, BEY has been engaged in numerous media guestings both internationally and locally. And although the young artist currently resides in Los Angeles, this didn’t stop her from participating in benefit concerts in the Philippines. Recently, she performed in #KapitBisig, an online benefit fundraising concert for Ako Bakwit and in Kayumanggi, a benefit concert for Sabokahancommunity in Mindanao.

She has also released a stripped down version of her debut single, “Crash Landing.” BEY continues to share her talent by releasing her own rendition of songs on her Youtube channel. In her latest single, “nevermind”, BEY shows how versatile she can be by keeping her music varied and new for her listeners.

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