Ayala Malls tapped local interior designers through the Dining by Design program to stylize safe al fresco dining spaces and integrate unique concepts inspired by nature, travel, and hope. The roster of talents includes moms and mom-with-children tandems, namely IDr. Tania Fricke Lichauco and IDr. Baby Girl Fricke, Interior Stylist Jenny and Dylan Epperson, IDr. Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran, and IDr. Indy Ycasiano. Each interior designer conceptualized and implemented their own creative idea to elevate al fresco dining experiences in Greenbelt, Glorietta, TriNoma, and Alabang Town Center respectively.

As Ayala Malls prioritizes safety, the refreshing designs integrated with the al fresco spaces create a pleasant dining experience for all families to enjoy.

Escape the daily grind and unwind at Greenbelt’s tropical spaces


In collaboration with IDr. Tania Fricke Lichauco and IDr. Baby Girl Fricke, Greenbelt invites families to dine at their al fresco spaces that are designed to transport customers to a tropical island sanctuary.

“We envision a rustic tropical theme with a beach vibe feel. People rarely go out and choose only certain occasions to take a breather and leave their homes to celebrate life or important milestones. In lieu of this, we aim for them to feel as if they have been transported to a quiet tropical sanctuary amidst the concrete jungle,” shared the mother-daughter tandem.

The team embellished the spaces with local pieces handcrafted by Filipino artisans. In collaboration with the Ayala Foundation, some of the decorations used include planters and lamps made by individuals from the Iraya-Mangyan tribe of Talipanan Village in Puerto Galera. The foundation began working with the Mangyans in 1990 when Beatriz Zobel saw potential in their products and sought to develop the craft in order to share its beauty with a wider audience. To this day, each piece is uniquely made as Irayas are known to weave their designs “from the heart.” 

Adding to the tropical beach-vibe, the Frickes also incorporated summer colors of the Philippines on top of bright tropical blooms and multiple hand-woven fabrics.

“We want that ‘one time’ families choose to leave the safety of their homes [to] be a positive experience, surrounded by the beauty of the islands. Those few hours outside their homes should be unforgettable,” they added.

Choose a pod based on your mom’s personality at Glorietta


Interior Stylist Jenny Epperson and 11-year old Dylan Epperson conceptualized colorful dining pods, each with its own unique design to represent four types of moms:

The first is a rainbow-inspired pod that combines colorful décor with modern furniture. Reflective of fun and fashionable moms, the pod aims to create a positive mood. The second is inspired by those who imbibe sophistication and playfulness. Its blue-white-yellow color scheme promotes a cheery and peaceful vibe with strong optimistic energy. The third is all about ‘farmhouse chic’—a concept inspired by cool and modern moms, which blends cozy and rustic charm from the past with clean and bold trends of the present. Lastly, the fourth is a ‘Pink Glamour’ pod, which draws inspiration from all the glam mamas who adore pink hues, crystals, fresh flowers and romance. The look—punctuated by a touch of bling—is elegant and feminine without being overly so.

“My vision for the space is to create inspiring yet functional dining pods that mothers and families can enjoy dining al fresco while being safe. I also wanted to tell a story about hope—that while these are not normal times, we should never stop dreaming, living and making memories,” shared Jenny Epperson, whose designs were also inspired by her children’s youthful taste.

Peek into the outside world at TriNoma’s travel-inspired dining pods


Who says you can’t have a taste of New York or the Golden Coast during quarantine? With the creative vision of IDr. Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran, there certainly are opportunities to peek into the outside world while creating fun and exciting memories with the family.

“We’re bringing the little things we took for granted during travels—not just travel spots but as simple as the ambience that makes us remember the moments of our travel,” said Fernandez-Beltran.


The color choices and play on textures of each pod help distinguish one travel from another. The bright and neon lights from the streets of New York, for instance, or the round rattan carpets and coconuts often seen in the beach, are meant to bring out different stories and experiences that moms, dads, and children share while dining in the pods.

“We want to bring out a different time dining in the pods, and to let the customers tell stories from each pod [with] memories to recall over conversations while dining in. Or create also new memories as if they were at a different place in time,” Fernandez-Beltran added.

Retreat to a haven of greenery at Alabang Town Center


Inspired by the relaxing attributes of nature, Alabang Town Center’s al fresco spaces are covered in potted plants, flowers, and hanging greenery much like a lush garden. Behind the execution is the talented IDr. Indy Ycasiano, who decided to create “small pockets of oasis.”

“My vision was to create the feel of pocket gardens that you can feel safe in—a bubble without the actual bubble. What inspired me was the feeling of how I wanted to be outside amidst nature, but I also wanted to feel safe. That’s why the concept of dining outdoors, but with the feeling that you are cocooned in your own area surrounded by greenery, appealed very much to me,” explained Ycasiano.


The space is designed to make customers feel safe while dining outside of home. Aside from social distancing protocols, the layout intends to put patrons at ease and genuinely enjoy the food served by the partner restaurants.

Stay safe, dine, and smile

Ayala Malls continues to ensure safe leisure to all mall visitors by providing beautiful outdoor spaces that refresh and inspire through the Dining by Design initiative. This Mother’s Day season, celebrate the woman who deserves the world by taking her out, dining together, and creating new memories distinct from the everyday chore. 

“I hope that the dining pods will make people smile. Those who are suffering from cabin fever will have the option to dine al fresco and celebrate Mother’s Day. Who knows, maybe even take photos and selfies around the area and create some happy content as remembrance? If I can make one person smile with the dining pods that I designed, I’ll be happy,” muses Jenny Epperson.

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