Inspiro Enables Remote Workforce of 3,000 Agents with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)


Inspiro, the outsourcing specialist, recently joined hands with Microsoft to integrate cloud-based desktop services and servers into its operations, providing their remote workforce with innovative tools to continue delivering excellent customer service throughout the pandemic.

With COVID-19, the company was faced with the urgent need of enabling their existing employees to work remotely. In addition, they also needed to expand their workforce by an additional 2,000 to 3,000 agents to meet growing customer needs. But at the time, their IT infrastructure lacked the capacity to support the necessary changes, with most of their machines and devices running on physical servers and lacking a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). 

To quickly ensure business continuity, Inspiro looked to other options, such as desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), which would enable their agents to use company-issued devices or personal devices for work. 

After evaluating viable scenarios and providers in the market, Inspiro opted to engage Microsoft and their Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution, a Microsoft Azure-based remote desktop to enhance operational capacity. In addition, they also chose Microsoft Teams for employee communication, collaboration, and engagement.

Inspiro chose Microsoft after a three-month evaluation of available cloud providers due to the ease of provisioning, operation, and DaaS maintenance. 

“We chose Microsoft Azure because it is more cost-effective, offers our company more flexibility and scalability, and provides our agents with more productivity while using WVD,” said Mark Mistal, Chief Information Officer, Inspiro. 

“We used Microsoft Teams as the primary communications channel during the deployment and implementation phases of the engagement. Microsoft also provided Teams training and support to Inspiro employees to strengthen remote collaboration”, added Mistal.

“Training was an insightful discussion as it led to a deep dive on how Teams can help in the day-to-day tasks, organizing meetings, and conducting training, among many others,” said Rom Saldivar, Senior Manager for IT Operations.

Since adopting these solutions, Inspiro has enjoyed a successful deployment with approximately 1,900 Windows Virtual Desktop machines provisioned for its agents in the Philippines and the United States. The solution deployed further boosted client confidence as the company met its ramp target. It also resulted in 99.99 percent uptime in reliability.

Microsoft’s solutions are now part of the company’s daily business operations. WVD is utilized to support clients worldwide, with Microsoft Teams as the primary communications platform for collaboration and more. 

Inspiro has decided to make their work-from-home arrangement permanent with the company’s successful transformation, even after the pandemic passes. In addition to DaaS and Microsoft Teams, the company is currently looking at other opportunities to streamline operations using Microsoft’s different toolsets.

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