(From Left to Right) Officers of Jandusay & Sons, Jet Martell, Menjie and John Alvin Jandusay with ValuePlus GM Mark Saberola

While the pandemic has forced many businesses to pivot – or in worst cases – shutdown, some agile companies have found new opportunity in his time of crises, expanding their businesses and catering to the new demands of the population. And one of these businesses that has found surprising new support and reach during COVID-19 is Value Plus Auto Service Express (VPX), the franchising brand of Value Plus Auto Services Philippines Inc., an after-market auto service that was established in 2013. 

(From Left to Right) Officers of Jandusay & Sons, John Alvin and Hanniel Jandusay (on screen via Zoom) with ValuePlus GM Mark Saberola

Headed by General Manager Mark Saberola, ValuePlus is revving up for a stronger 2021 with the recent awarding of VPX franchise to Jandusay & Sons last January 15, 2021 in Batangas City. The 300-sqm operations, located along Batangas-Tabangao-Lobo Road in Barangay Libjo, will become operational by second quarter of the year and become the second franchised branch in South Luzon, made possible by the family company, Jandusay & Sons. 

“We had come across Value Plus online in 2018 when my father Hanniel, an expatriate, and I were looking for a franchise that we could start as a family, along with my brother Jet Martel,” shares John Alvin Jandusay, the 23-year-old branch manager of VPX Batangas City of Jandusay & Sons. The family had a keen interest in automotive repair and believed that VPX was the perfect pick for their first venture together. And so despite the pandemic that hit early 2020, they were determined to pursue the partnership. 

(From Left to Right) ValuePlus Technical & Service Manager Silvestre Arellano, Officers of Jandusay & Sons John Alvin and Menjie Jandusay, ValuePlus GM Mark Saberola and Jet Martel Jandusay of Jandusay and Sons

As localized lockdowns became part of the “new normal” and city-wide transport became restricted, the family anticipated the rise of car ownership during the pandemic and believed that they could provide the automotive repair services needed by these drivers. According to Saberola, around 5.5 million cars are no longer covered by their manufacturer’s warranty, and thus car owners seek trusted auto repair service providers for their vehicles’ needs and that’s why ValuePlus positions itself as the casa alternative. 

“What we appreciated about ValuePlus is that even while we were just inquiring about the franchise, the company was already very supportive. They offered insight on the market and were willing to show us how to become more competitive as a company. This further cemented our idea that VPX would be a really good investment,” says Alvin. 

To date, with the addition of VPX Batangas City, ValuePlus will have 4 branches, two of which are in Metro Manila. The VPX franchise is one of the most competitive businesses in the industry, founded on a sound business model, and is proven to be crisis-proof. With their newly introduced Starter Package ranging from 3.5-4.5M, franchisees can expect to have their very own auto repair shop up and running in 2-3 months’ time and with ValuePlus guiding them every step of the way.

“Our growth at ValuePlus has been strong and steady. And despite COVID-19, we have proven to be agile and able to adapt to the new challenges of the pandemic. At a time when people are seeking financial security, we – as an almost decade old established brand – can help entrepreneurs confidently set up their own businesses. ValuePlus is not just a provider of auto repair services, but a complete business solutions provider,” Saberola ends. 

For more information about VPX and the franchising opportunities of ValuePlus send them an email at or call 0917-637-2085 or visit their social 

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