Kylie Versoza and Maureen Wroblewitz share their glowing skin secret on Instagram

We just can’t help but wonder how Kylie Versoza and Maureen Wroblewitz keep their skin smooth and bright! Lucky for us, these ladies posted their tried-and-tested favorites to ensure their skin is in check no matter what they do. Here are the two things you’ll need to achieve that same glow!

Olay and BT21 release Special Edition Items in Shopee this May

Call dibs on the tote bag and pouch available starting this month of May on Shopee!

Before and AHAfter: Get the NEW Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA exclusively at Shopee

Having blemish marks is a common struggle for a lot of people. We all wish that we were blessed with perfect, flawless skin, —reality check—everyone is different and more often than not, blemish marks stay longer than we would want them to. 

Bring Brightness In with the NEW Olay Bodyscience Lotion

Having dull and dry skin can really be a bummer but knowing how this skin-tuation happened can be the key to bringing back that glow! Experiencing the dullness and dryness of “quaranskin”?

Get Glowing This 2022 with These Skincare Tips You Shouldn’t Skip On

We’ve finally let 2021 go. But there’s still things we need to keep this new year – our skincare routines!

Must-have Olay Serums to Include in Your Skin Care Regimen

But one thing is consistent in all Olay serums — the science of Niacinamide infused with other active ingredients that help your skin look consistently glowing.

Olay and Keith Haring Come Together to Bring Filipinas a Fearless Glow

Known for his art of figures that express movement, Keith Haring was a popular artist and activist during the 1980s. His art spoke to many, his words even more.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip on Skincare: Shocking Truths About Skin Aging

The global pandemic has tangled our daily life for more than a year now. Isolation and combatting health risks have caused everyone their mental and physical wellbeing, much so that it has caused a halt on the beauty routines and regimens that used to directly give a boost to self-confidence.

You Can’t Time Travel, But You Can Bounce Back to Glowing Skin with New Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide-24

The past year taught us to start investing in many things: property, insurance, luxury items — but we forget that we should also invest in our skin! The past year of lockdown and changing habits have taken a toll on our skin, and it’s time to bounce back to youthful, plump skin with the NEW Olay Collagen Peptide- 24.

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