Ben&Ben reunite with Moira on the confessional ballad “Pasalubong”

After working together last year for the heartwarming ballad “Paalam,” which has reached more than 40 million streams on all combined music platforms, Ben&Ben and Moira are reuniting again for a song that captures the intensity of deep longing and persistent desire.

SB19 and Ben&Ben make history with generation-defining version of “MAPA”

SB19 and Ben&Ben, two of the biggest Philippine acts, are making history again with a re-recording of the former’s smash single “MAPA” under Sony Music.

Ben&Ben drop new version of “Leaves,” featuring K-Pop star Young K

After topping the search chart of South Korea’s most prominent music streaming site, Melon in 2020, Filipino folk-pop collective Ben&Ben have teamed up with Seoul-based singer-songwriter and rapper Young K for the new version of their 2017 hit single “Leaves.”

Ben&Ben come to terms with loss and grief on “Magpahinga” music video

The music video of “Magpahinga” stars multi-awarded veteran actor Joel Torre and acclaimed actress-director Bela Padilla as a father-daughter tandem spending their last moments together.

Ben&Ben offer reassuring warmth on introspective new single “Magpahinga”

Ben&Ben offer words of genuine compassion and encouragement to every person out there who might be going through a lot in these difficult times. On their latest single “Magpahinga,” the nine-piece collective

Ben&Ben paint breathtaking imagery of young love on new single “Upuan”

Written and produced by Ben&Ben, co-produced/mixed by Jean Paul Verona, and mastered by Leon Zervos, “Upuan” was recorded in the band’s home studio. Verona and sound engineer Sam Marquez helped in the recording process, giving the song its final touches.

An ‘Inevitable’ Pairing: How Ben&Ben’s music made it to Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s TVC for Smart

The Smart TVC was even made more powerful thanks to Ben&Ben’s “Inevitable” complementing the top-tier material.

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