Maris and Anthony say ‘yes’ to Mang Inasal as Pork BBQ endorsers

Maris and Anthony say ‘yes’ to Mang Inasal as Pork BBQ endorsers

The Breakthrough Love Team of the Year, MaThon – composed of Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings – are now the newest endorsers of Mang Inasal Pork BBQ.

“Maris and Anthony are among the most talented stars of their generation. Their talent, chemistry, and fun personalities strongly connect with Mang Inasal and our customers,” said Mang Inasal president Mike V. Castro. “They were recently declared the Breakthrough Love Team of the Year and for us in Mang Inasal, Pork BBQ is a breakthrough product now enjoyed by a lot of our customers. And we can’t wait for more and more people to enjoy it through the captivating power of MaThon.”

Similarly, Maris and Anthony are thrilled to join the Mang Inasal family as they are both regular customers of the brand.

“I’ve been a Mang Inasal customer since I was a kid because my family loves it,” shared Maris. “Enjoying Pork BBQ makes me really happy because I can eat it even while doing other things. I can write, sing, and even talk to my friends while eating it.”

For Anthony, the uniqueness of Pork BBQ is what endeared it to him. “Smoky-sweet siya, sobrang lambot, at napakasarap! Kaya kahitmalayo ako minsan, dadayuhin ko ang Mang Inasal para sa Pork BBQ.” (It is smoky-sweet, super tender, and very delicious. That’s why whenever I’m away, I go out of my way to visit Mang Inasal and enjoy their Pork BBQ.”

Mang Inasal Pork BBQ comes in different meals, with the most affordable starting at ₱99 for a two-piece Pork BBQ rice meal with Spiced Vinegar. It is also paired with Mang Inasal Palabok for merienda and has Buddy Size and Family Size variants for group meals. It can also be enjoyed in the Solo, Buddy, and Family Fiesta platters.

Maris and Anthony say ‘yes’ to Mang Inasal as Pork BBQ endorsers

To make July extra special, Mang Inasal will be celebrating a nationwide Pork BBQ Blowout and mounting a Pork BBQ Caravan in different locations across the country.

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