The Dawn of a New Era: The Co-op Chamber of the Philippines Ushers in Sustainable Progress Empowering Communities

The Dawn of a New Era: The Co-op Chamber of the Philippines Ushers in Sustainable Progress Empowering Communities

A new era for cooperative development is on the horizon with the launch of the Co-op Chamber of the Philippines on November 15, 2023, at the Marriott Manila Hotel at 5:00 PM. This event marks a dedication to the principles of cooperativism and the pursuit of sustainable growth within the nation.

Spearheaded by founder Noel D. Raboy, CEO and President of CLIMBS Life and General Insurance, the Co-op Chamberstands as a collective of cooperative leaders from various regions in the Philippines. Their mission is to empower organizations fostering a culture of solidarity, advocacy, education, and networking within the cooperative community.

The Co-op Chamber of the Philippines’ initiatives include advocating for policies that support cooperatives, delivering educational and skill-enhancing programs, creating networking opportunities, facilitating trade missions, and providing business development support. The chamber also seeks to secure grants and donations and to represent the cooperative sector’s interests to government agencies, advocating for the integration of cooperative principles in policy-making.

The Co-op Chamber’s Board of Trustees is composed of individuals with diverse expertise and a shared dedication to elevating cooperative enterprises. The launch of the Co-op Chamber of the Philippines will give an opportunity for the media to observe a movement poised to become a beacon of hope, peace, and social progress.

The inauguration of the Co-op chamber is a call to action to address the challenges of poverty, inequality, and discrimination.

The chamber’s commitment to creating lasting change is a narrative of progress that they are eager to see told through the voices of those who witness it.

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