Shang Robinsons Properties, Inc. (SRPI), a joint venture between Shang Properties, Inc. and Robinsons Land Corporation unveils its latest project: Haraya Residences.  It is a stunning two-tower development featuring 558 homes in the first-to-rise South Tower, and more units in the next phase as the North Tower follows. The development also highlights unique indoor and outdoor amenities spanning 2,270 sqm. and 2,500 sqm. respectively. Located at the heart of Bridgetowne Estate in Pasig, Haraya Residences is a luxury vertical gated village that boldly reimagines modern living in its design and features – thoughtfully planned to complement the ever-evolving lifestyle and leanings of today’s discerning urban dweller.

Jose Juan Jugo, Executive Vice President, Shang Properties, Inc. shares, “A new era requires new thinking. It demands a new understanding of the home; how we live, interact, unwind, and be productive. Together with the finest architects, designers and artisans, we deliver this unique vision that offers an uncompromising new perspective on cosmopolitan living.”

He expounds, “Haraya in Filipino means ‘imagination’ so we held our mission sacred, to envision new possibilities for homeowners, introduce meaningful innovation, and develop inventive spatial configurations that provide comfort, freedom, and inspiration.”

Open living like you’ve never experienced before

SRPI collaborated with top design firms—P&T Group, FM Architettura, and P Landscape—to realize the vision of Haraya Residences.

P&T Group Architect and Director Edgar Cozzio describes, “At Haraya Residences, the shape of the buildings gave us a lot of unique opportunities to create deep spaces that allow residents to feel safe and cocooned in their homes but at the same time enjoy a sense of freedom through the generous outdoor living space. We wanted to broaden the outdoor space to bring in that connection with nature – to feel fresh air and feel the outside world while inside.”

Design collaborator Francesca Muzio, founder and CEO at FM Architettura, adds, “The idea of traditional living is gone. The way we use the spaces in our homes nowadays is very different. There is a new awareness on the importance of domestic comfort and a desire for more tactile homes—this has been all the more evident—along with having al fresco spaces and opportunities to be closer to nature. In Italy, we have a concept called loggia. It’s an extension of your home, but also a part of the exterior; a space that can take on many personalities—an intimate garden for example, or an outdoor living room. The idea is to create a flexible layout, discovering new relationships and interactions between spaces that allow for a more contemporary lifestyle. Our design firm calls this concept a “pixelated layout”— a reimagining of the modern home.”


Step outside into the heart of your home

Haraya Residences presents one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites designed to create more fluidity between interior and exterior living, with spatial configurations that expand the very notion of a home.

The One-Bedroom Unit re-imagines the traditional one-bedroom layout with additional flexible space and a loggia that expands the airy living room. A curvilinear glass partition provides privacy and flexibility when needed, and unifies the living room into a home that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining alike. Meanwhile, the Signature One-Bedroom offers an expansive living room configuration that integrates an innovative curvilinear den and more loggia space, along with a spacious master bedroom and en suite bathroom, ideal for those seeking additional flexibility and comfort.

The Two-Bedroom Unit, on the other hand, has expansive windows that extend from the lofty living room to the guest and master bedrooms, opening the home to sweeping panoramic views. Complete with a spacious en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet, the master bedroom also provides functionality and comfort; while the voluminous loggia nestled between the dining and living areas bridges the interior and exterior to create an airy space full of natural light.

Finally, the Three-Bedroom Unit represents the full expression of Haraya Residences’ unique al fresco design vision, where interior spaces merge seamlessly with the outdoors through loggias. Designed for families and those seeking the luxury of space, the Three-Bedroom Unit is an exquisite balance of private and entertainment areas, offering sweeping views from the residence.

Rediscover a sense of vibrancy

The amenities at Haraya Residences are the heart of the development—where privacy, community, and vibrant landscaping come together.

Featuring a variety of unique venue spaces and lounges, Haraya Residences’ indoor amenities span up to 2,270 sqm. Designed as extensions of their very own homes, residents can freely catch a movie with family and friends at The Viewing Room; bookworms can curl up with a novel at The Library; and couples can wine and dine in exquisitely furnished function rooms. Furthermore, celebrants can host private parties at the Chef’s Kitchen; students and employees can work collaboratively with colleagues at the Studio; families can enjoy activities at the game room and children’s playroom; fitness enthusiasts can get active at the gym; executives can gather for meetings at the Tea Room; and guests can marvel at stunning panoramic views of the skyline while dining at the Lobby Lounge.

Alternately, Haraya Residences’ outdoor amenities spans up to 2,500 sqm, featuring a variety of beautifully tended green spaces and private nooks. The whole family can unwind at the swimming pools and children’s play areas; students and professionals can decompress at the jacuzzi after a long day; while others can rejuvenate through yoga under the swaying trees.

A sense of place, a sense of community

Muzio adds, “From the beautiful entrance, the impressive amenities, to the units, there has to be a sense of place. Also, for us, the experience of a private community is the new amenities component. What we mean by this is that common areas are not only spaces that residents can use, but are natural extensions of their homes, places where residents can cultivate their passions, recharge, rejuvenate, and maybe most importantly, connect with neighbors, friends and family.”

Cozzio ends, “Haraya Residences engages all your senses. It is a home to return to, an escape from outside stresses. It is a sanctuary to enjoy the family and to socialize with friends. How we live and where we live is ever changing. Cities grow and how we live in them matters greatly for our health and the health of the community. A well-planned and a well-thought-of development such as Haraya Residences—in harmony with the environment, bringing the outdoors in through the loggias, incredible landscaping, stunning views—is paramount in improving quality of living.”

Discover a new way of living at the heart of Bridgetowne, Pasig City. Welcome to Haraya Residences. For more details, visit, call 0917 5-HARAYA (427292), or follow @harayaresidences on Instagram and @harayaresidencesofficial on Facebook.

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