Eastern Communications introduces latest cloud technologies to help businesses evolve in 2023

Eastern Communications introduces latest cloud technologies to help businesses evolve in 2023
[From L-R:] Eastern Communications (EC) VP and Head of Sales Division Mike Castañeda, EC VP and Head – Product and Innovation Edsel Paglinawan, CloudSigma Co-Founder and CEO Robert Jenkins, EC Sales Cluster Head Peter Wong, and EC Enterprise Segment Marketing Head Gian Conde

Strengthening its commitment to helping businesses evolve in 2023, premier telecommunications company Eastern Communications, in collaboration with global cloud solutions provider CloudSigma, launches the first run of its Eastern Huddle’s “Product Track” series promoting business efficiency and flexibility this new year. 

With the theme “Maximizing Eastern Cloud to Improve Business Efficiency and Resilience”, the  kick-off session aims to reintroduce cloud solutions suitable in the new normal, educating businesses how they can extensively harness the advantages of cloud services and embrace digital transformation. 

The Eastern Huddles previously featured a series of webinar sessions that promoted digitalization across the business sector in the country featuring key opinion leaders and industry experts. This year, it returns in the form of face-to-face events, with the goal of continuing to impart knowledge and expertise on technological trends so that more businesses can achieve success.

The initiative is in line with Eastern Communications’ campaign “Evolve” which encourages Filipinos and local businesses to go beyond their limits and break expectations to reach greater heights this year.

Maximizing cloud for business

CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins presented the latest developments in cloud technology as well as the relevant cloud services ideal for businesses in the new normal—Platform as a Service (PaaS), Eastern Cloud Virtual Router, and SGX Confidential Computing.

To help businesses employ higher-level programming with dramatically reduced complexity, Eastern Communications with CloudSigma provides its Platform as a Service offering, which helps them create applications from scratch and is fully customizable and personalized according to your needs. Additionally, it boosts business productivity and lowers the costs often involved with developing cloud-based products.

For companies that need easier coordination and require greater security requirements, Eastern Cloud Virtual Router enables businesses to manage their network and firewalls in the cloud and provides added network security and redundancy.

In terms of data protection and network communication, SGX Confidential Computing will ensure that sensitive data is always kept secure in the cloud, even when analytics are being performed on it. This allows companies to take full advantage of the cloud’s benefits while maintaining control over their data.

“In the ever-evolving business landscape, utilizing cloud technology has become integral for growth. Eastern and CloudSigma are ready to help companies integrate global cloud solutions to their business and allow them to accelerate innovation, drive business agility, streamline processes, and manage business costs,” said CloudSigma CEO and Co-Founder Robert Jenkins. 

Representing Eastern Communications, VP and Head of Product and Innovation Edsel Paglinawan, discussed the significance of democratizing technology, such as Eastern Cloud products, in driving the Philippines’ economic growth. 

“Through our collaboration with CloudSigma, we are able to expand our Eastern Cloud services into more accessible and affordable offerings, therefore, democratizing technology and allowing us to reach out and support a larger number of enterprises across the country,” Paglinawan said.

Over the years and especially during the pandemic, Eastern Communications has been dedicated to educating its clients and partners on how they can maximize technology to achieve their business goals. 

This year, Eastern Communications continues its initiative that will help emerging businesses evolve every day. The telco will run a series of face-to-face and virtual seminars and summits among clients, partners, and industry associations. Additionally, there will be roving workshops designed to target MSMEs, particularly in regional areas, and support for public sector initiatives from LGUs and NGOs. 

“We have always supported businesses as they evolve, and we will continue to do so. Eastern continues to embody its Heart of Service by delivering not just reliable services but also sharing its expertise and trade knowledge to help businesses embrace digitization and thrive with change,” added Paglinawan.

To learn more information about Eastern Communications’ events and services, visit eastern.com.ph or follow @easterncommph on Facebook.

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