HONOR to Unveil the 1st Smartphone with ‘Solo Cut Mode’ for Vlogging, along new devices

HONOR will officially unveil one of the strongest camera phones to be launched in the Philippines this 2022, along with a roster of new devices that will complement the HONOR ecosystem. The global tech brand confirmed to release a smartphone with the 1st ever ‘Solo Cut Mode’ feature on October 18, 2022. The smartphone is expected to have a camera best for vlogging, motion-sensing, and multi-recording features (simultaneous recording of front and back camera).The upcoming HONOR device touts camera features perfect for vlogging.

HONOR to Unveil the 1st Smartphone with ‘Solo Cut Mode’ for Vlogging, along new devices

What is Solo Cut Mode and why does it make this smartphone perfect for vlogging?

Delivering exceptional videography innovations, Solo Cut Mode offers a ground-breaking solution that enables users to produce portrait vlogs that spotlight a specific person in a group video using Person Autofocus Tracking Technology. 

HONOR to Unveil the 1st Smartphone with ‘Solo Cut Mode’ for Vlogging, along new devices
Industry’s first Solo Cut Mode feature to record main subjects simultaneously

The new ‘Solo Cut’ feature does not just extend to recording videos. You can also use this feature to livestream both videos at the same time, with the subject of the solo view being spotlighted alongside the main video with full view. This is perfect for content creators who want to emphasize the hero of their moment, and you can easily switch to a different subject with the tap of a finger to conveniently create your content in a variety of formats. 

Given HONOR’s expertise in innovating mobile photography and videography features, the main and selfie camera must have  exceptional output with a super-sensing camera, ultrawide with macro and depth lenses, plus a stunning front camera for shooting selfies and videos.


HONOR has strongly cemented the claims to dominate all segments and they are also putting forth a strong contender with a new addition to the X series of phones.

HONOR to Unveil the 1st Smartphone with ‘Solo Cut Mode’ for Vlogging, along new devices
A Sneak Peek at the newest HONOR X Series Phone

It is expected to be powered by an octa-core processor fast enough to handle mobile games most Filipinos play, such as Mobile Legends, PUBG and Genshin Impact.  It is supported with a large 5000 mAh battery that lasts up to 17 hours of continuous video playback in a single charge under lad circumstances. 

In terms of design, users can expect a large screen display for a more immersive mobile viewing experience.  It also has an expandable storage feature and a triple camera setup with a high-resolution module.

Like other previously released X series phones, this new HONOR device is said to be one for the masses as it is billed to be the most affordable yet to land in the country.  


HONOR to Unveil the 1st Smartphone with ‘Solo Cut Mode’ for Vlogging, along new devices
This is the first HONOR tablet to launch in the Philippines

HONOR is proud to showcase our evolving technologies, this time with the introduction of a new tablet designed to meet your multimedia needs.

The new HONOR device is said to provide a new mesmerizing experience with a large display, combined with unrivaled audio experience that can lure you into the depths of immersive watching. This slate also offers a premium finish, which you can always flaunt out and about anytime, plus a huge battery capacity for all-day activity, be it for work or play.

All of these feature HONOR’s MagicUI with HONOR Share, which keeps all your devices seamlessly connected for a more intuitive and productive experience – be it on a phone or a tablet. 

The best part is the availability of Google Mobile Services as HONOR confirmed it during their previous event. This means you can use Google Apps and download your favorite apps from the Google Play Store as soon as you set up your new HONOR device without any sideloading or complicated workaround required.


HONOR is preparing a live stream link on Facebook with an embedded video that will be accessible when the event kicks off on October 18, 2022. Consumers can easily access the live stream from this link: https://web.facebook.com/events/405867711736284

Link is still inaccessible until the event is published days before the official launch. More updates will be shown on HONOR’s Social Media pages, so stay tuned!

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