Toyota Starts Demonstration Project of Data-Measuring Vehicle Advertising Business for Company Vehicles in the Philippines

On the 17th day of May, 2022, Toyota Mobility Solutions Philippines Corporation (TMSPH) launched a demonstration project of a mobility service to optimize advertising revenues by specifically measuring the effectiveness of wrap advertisement of fleet vehicles based on vehicle location information using the GPS data sent from mobile APP.

This demonstration project will be led by TMSPH, with the cooperation of Flare Inc. (Flare), a company that develops and operates mobility-related businesses such as wrap advertising, Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation (TFSPH), Toyota’s automobile sales finance company, and Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TDEM), Toyota’s regional office in Asia. The project will be promoted using ten fleet vehicles throughout Metro Manila, Laguna, and other bordering cities for six months. During the demonstration, TMSPH will serve as an advertiser by promoting TFSPH’s KINTO One full-service lease product.

Toyota Starts Demonstration Project of Data-Measuring Vehicle Advertising Business for Company Vehicles in the Philippines

Unlike outdoor advertising in fixed locations, such as billboards, the demonstration project enables us to collect a broad range of data and knowledge relating to advertising effectiveness by using cars that move in wide areas for advertising. We can also measure advertising effectiveness more accurately by using and checking GPS-based vehicle position information sent from drivers’ smartphones and real-time traffic data collected at each location, instead of using data obtained from a periodic traffic census.

Through the optimization of advertising rates based on detailed advertising effectiveness, we aim to offer more reasonable and satisfactory mobility advertising services to not only advertisers who desire to maximize cost efficiency but also corporate customers who want to reduce costs for owning and using cars by receiving advertising revenue.

In the future, it could be considered that the advertising area and time is optimized to meet advertisers’ individual needs by, for example, an intensive allocation of advertising vehicles in specific areas during a sale. The project also has the potential of creating a variety of new mobility businesses, including flexible and meticulous advertising campaigns using digital advertising vehicles and operational management of fleet vehicles through an effective use of apps and GPS.

TMSPH President Cristina Arevalo says “We are always excited to try new technologies, and Flare has given us the opportunity to do so. We are looking forward to working closely with Flare in testing their system and application to improve our internal marketing studies.”

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