Elevate outdoor family fun with McDonald’s new Pokemon Happy Meal

For the past 2 years, parents made indoor bonding moments with their kids fun and exciting.  Now that restrictions are being lifted, there is more opportunity for parents and little ones to go on adventures outside their homes. With McDonald’s new Pokemon Happy Meal, families have more reason to enjoy the outdoors! 

Elevate outdoor family fun with McDonald’s new Pokemon Happy Meal

With the Poke Camp Cup, a handy cup with a convenient keyring and foldable handles; the glow-in-the-dark wrist Pika Compass, the Magnifying Glass Pokeball and Poke Binoculars to help get a better view when exploring, kids will be ready to discover and immerse themselves in the great outdoors for fun adventures with friends and family. Completing the collection to make sure kids are ready to explore are the Camping Wagon, Portable Meal Kit, Sound Flyer, and Camping Container with Tweezers. Through these cute and functional toys, parents and kids would truly level up their outdoor playtime activities! 

These collectibles are not only for the little ones! 90s kids and Pokemon fans will surely enjoy these too as it enables them to remember their childhood playtime moments and will surely be unique additions to their Pokemon collection!  

Don’t miss the chance to unlock the power of imagination and exploration by catching the new Pokemon Happy Meal toys available now at McDonald’s via Dine-In, Take Out, Drive Thru, or delivery.

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