Shack’s in Town!

shake shack atc

Get down South the soonest you can as Shake Shack paints the Town green when it opens in Alabang Town Center on October 21 at 10am. 

Opening Treats 

In Shack or in your shack, get access to special treats from Shack ATC during the opening while enjoying your fave Shack goods. 

  • Be the first in line on opening day and get a year’s supply of their signature Concretes – free for every month’s visit.  
  • Be one of the first 100 guests who purchase in Shack for dine in or takeaway on October 21 and score:
    • Exclusive Shack streetwear for a minimum spend of P2,000 
    • A limited edition Shack flask (double-wall insulated perfect for hot and cold drinks!) with a P1,000 purchase

Town Exclusive 

Headlining the culinary offerings for Shake Shack ATC is the Ala-Big Bang! Created exclusively for ATC, this concrete is made with vanilla frozen custard blended with Bungalow Café’s Auro glazed donut, salted coffee caramel sauce and Auro chocolate chunks. Influenced by the flavors from NY, LA and Manila, Bungalow Café is a neighborhood café bakery style restaurant that serves quality and fresh food, made with locally-sourced ingredients, all crafted by hand and from scratch. Known for their freshly-baked breads, doughnuts, pastries and brunch-inspired savories, Bungalow Café continues to reinvent and expand its menu, gaining a loyal following from Alabang and the surrounding communities. 

Ala-Big Bang! was named by Shack fan, Kean Planas, the winning entry in Shake Shack’s Name that Concrete Twitter contest. Inspired by the packed visuals of the custard and its mix-ins, the familiar “a la mode” desserts concept and the location, Kean saw it as representation of big, fun flavors in a dessert. The name is also reminiscent of Big Bang sa Alabanga pop-up carnival popular amongst teens and adults alike back in the 90s. Some of its top attractions were the Haunted House sa Alabang and a giant multicolored slide called the Adrenaline Rush. 

Stand For Something Good

Reinforcing its commitment to Stand For Something Good, Shake Shack has collaborated with local designers and printmakers to make Shake Shack ATC a distinct community gathering place. Drawing inspiration from the open courtyards and suburban charm of ATC, this angled white Shack features generous amount of natural light, interplay of clean lines and textured surfaces and of earth tones used throughout the space. 

A welcome contrast to the homey interiors of the ATC Shack is the wall art series designed by Plus 63 Design Co, the same creative team behind its unique construction hoarding. They lend a punch of color to the indoor dining space, highlighting a playful use of tactile objects, reflective surfaces and bright, warm colors. Bringing these works of art to life is Primex Printers, the first Filipino printer to receive multiple awards of excellence in the prestigious Asia Print Awards. Born out of a vision by Alberto Calaquian, founder, to establish a printing company that can rival printers from abroad, Primex Printers has since then been proudly bearing the mark of “Printed in the Philippines”. Espousing the culture of quality and living by its commitment to its people and drive for excellence for over 40 years, it has flourished into a world class printing facility catering to the Filipino, made by the Filipino. 

Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. (SFRI) is the exclusive franchise holder of Shake Shack in the Philippines. SFRI is a member of the SSI Group.  

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