Rimini Street Awarded Grand Prize For Best Customer Support by the Japan Institute of Information Technology

Rimini Street Awarded Grand Prize For Best Customer Support by the Japan Institute of Information Technology

Rimini Street, Inc.(Nasdaq: RMNI), a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner, has announced that Rimini Street has been awarded the Grand Prize for Best Customer Support from the Japan Institute of Information Technology (IT). Rimini Street earned this distinguished honor for its unique and innovative support model, which includes the Company’s proprietary, patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and platform. The judges recognized the quality, efficiency and continued evolution of Rimini Street’s support operations, vastly improved through its innovative, proprietary AI and Machine Learning platform that helps reduce the time to resolve support issues for its clients by 23% and deliver a global client satisfaction on closed cases of 4.9 out of 5.0 (where 5.0 is “excellent”).

Innovative AI Platform Recognized for Further Enhancing Client Service and Satisfaction

The Japan Institute of IT engages in research and development to promote digitalization in Japanese businesses and further the industry-wide adoption of state-of-the-art information technology. Award winners for its Grand Prize for Best Customer Support are companies whose customer support initiatives make a far-reaching contribution to Japanese organizations and serve as a model of success for the industry – both today and in the future. Rimini Street’s Best Customer Support designation from the Japan Institute of IT shines a light on the Company’s support expertise and its continuous focus on enhancing client service and satisfaction. The judging committee stated that Rimini Street’s “fixed-price model is superior in that it creates a win-win relationship between the customer and the company.”

The Japan Institute of IT also highlighted two of the Company’s patent-pending AI Support Applications in particular – Case Assignment Advisor and C-Signal – as reasons for being awarded the top prize, citing Rimini Street’s “excellent measures” to maintain and improve “high customer satisfaction.” Rimini Street’s artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform was designed to streamline and accelerate service delivery to continually improve the quality and efficiency of its support operations. 

Comprehensive Support Frees Up Funds and Resources to Invest in Digital Transformation

The judges recognized that Rimini Street’s award-winning support provides business value by reducing the amount of resources IT departments need to maintain and operate core ERP systems and enables organizations to redirect their liberated funds to invest in digital transformation initiatives. With Rimini Street Support, clients can extract more value from their enterprise software investments and accelerate innovation to create competitive advantage and growth.

Rimini Street’s comprehensive support model assigns all clients a Primary Support Engineer who has an average of 20 years’ experience working with the client’s enterprise software and are backed by a team of functional and technical experts. Clients also benefit from the Company’s industry-leading service level agreement of 10-minute response times for critical Priority 1 cases and 15-minute response times for Priority 2 issues.

“Reducing the costs associated with IT infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges for companies today – not only in Japan, but globally. Rimini Street’s support services help organizations maximize the value of their enterprise systems and free up needed resources to address more strategic initiatives that drive competitive advantage and growth,” said Yorio Wakisaka, group vice president and regional general manager, Japan, Rimini Street. “We are humbled and honored to receive the Japan IT Institute’s top award for our unique support model, which recognizes the Company’s continued focus on, and investment in, evolving our support delivery to surprise and delight our hundreds of clients in Japan and thousands of clients around the world who want to make the most of their IT investments.”

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