2000’s RnB revisited in Kyle Juliano and Sam Akins’ new hit song, “I Need You Now”

2000's RnB revisited in Kyle Juliano and Sam Akins' new hit song, "I Need You Now"

Kyle Juliano and Sam Akins are bringing back slow 2000 R&B melody with their first ever collab for “I Need You Now”. It talks about an unhealthy attachment and dependency on a relationship that doesn’t bring value in one’s life anymore. Kyle and Sam were brought together by their passion in creating their own ballad. They teamed up back in the early parts of 2019 for this single. “Kyle played a four chord progression on guitar that you hear throughout the song and we wrote to that together with Stefani (Kyle’s cousin)”, Sam recalled. These two homegrown talents of Dumaguete show their flair in uniting music and lyrics with their much-awaited record

Known for his heartfelt compositions and soothing voice, Kyle Juliano never fails to release songs that reach hundreds of thousands to millions of streams, making him this generation’s Spotify sensation. His 2017 hit single “Crashing” garnered a massive 13 million streams since its debut.

Stream “I Need You Now”:

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