Subway® NEW Savoury Chipotle Quesadillas

Subway is bringing you delicious treats for take-out or delivery at the safety of your homes with their NEW Savoury Chipotle Quesadillas! An affordable snack offer that guarantees work or study from home customers with some exciting flavors to fuel up their entire day!

Subway® NEW Savoury Chipotle Quesadillas

The Chipotle Quesadillas is one of the most popular items for take-out and delivery. Especially since Subway serves these Mexican treats into three variants which are the Cheesy Pork Quesadilla, Ultimate Cheesy Quesadilla, Classic Beef & Cheese Quesadilla. They are made from responsibly sourced ingredients that are served with onion, chipotle sauce & spices with mozzarella cheese!

The Chipotle Quesadilla ala carte price starts at Php 99 while the combo meal price or Quesadilla with a 12oz drink is at Php 119.

For delivery orders, the Chipotle Quesadilla ala carte prices starts at Php 120.78. And the combo meal price or Quesadilla with a 12 oz drink is at Php 145.18.

Order for Take-out or Delivery via Messenger “BOTTY”

Following the safety and health protocols during the modified enhanced community quarantine. You can order our Chipotle Quesadillas at the safety of your homes, and deliver a surprise for the family with these deliciously stuffed treats! 

For your delivery orders, just message us through Messenger via BOTTY . You can also order it for Take-out! 

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