The Show Must Go On: Social U Brings Back Community In Universities

The Show Must Go On: Social U Brings Back Community In Universities

School life holds a special place in our hearts. Our time with friends inside the four corners of the classroom is something we cherish forever. Our Alma mater is a second home—a stronghold where knowledge, friendship, and countless incomparable memories are built.

School is a place where we begin to know ourselves better. We discover the things we like, the things we are good at, and the people we would love to be with. 

Now, times have changed. Students are all behind their computer screens as they continue their studies. At a time when physical get-togethers are impossible, there’s nothing we can do but reminisce about that moment. And it might sound business as usual, but admit it or not, our social needs are challenged.

Island Records Philippines believes in the importance of music in bringing back the best moments of our youth that happened in school. For example, there’s nothing like the shared energy and unmatched connection at school concerts. The magic that binds people and music is unique for that moment and for that space but is lasting in everyone’s memory. 

The Show Must Go On: Social U Brings Back Community In Universities

With their new initiative called Social U, Island Records Philippines strives to bring this moment back through a series of virtual concerts across four universities in the country. For students who can only wish to be in school with friends, the event aims to break out of the two-dimensional screen through virtual campus tours made more memorable and exciting with music.

The two-hour concert will be happening inside a virtual campus where every student of the respective school is invited to. The tour will host different brand games and activities that students can freely enjoy. On top of these, OPM artists and other homegrown acts and students will bring the live feel through the virtual concert.

The virtual school tour also aims to be an avenue for getting to know one another and for creating strong peer relationships among students. Especially with the opening of a new academic year amidst a pandemic, Island Records Philippines wishes to build a sense of community that is important not only as support for their academic endeavors but also as a solid footing towards creating bigger impacts in society.

In cooperation with youth organization We The Youth Vote, the initiative also aims to be a stage that highlights the value of everyone’s right to vote, especially with the nearing deadline for voter registration. The partnership aims to educate students about their suffrage and at the same time impart the bigness of the role of every Filipino youth in the upcoming elections.

Social U’s virtual school tour will be running in four universities including Far Eastern University, De La Salle University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and University of the East. 

The first stop would be for the students of Far Eastern University, happening on August 27, 2021. Autotelic, Zack Tabudlo, Leanne and Naara, Over October, Dia Mate, and Elise Huang are on the line-up for FEU’s virtual crowd. Also joining in the musical experience is FEU’s very own IABF Powerband, 1st runner up of Sayawit 2020’s Battle of the Bands.

The Show Must Go On: Social U Brings Back Community In Universities

Next stop will be in De La Salle University on September 3, with Cheats, Juan Karlos, Zack Tabudlo, Fern., Elise Huang, and Dia Mate joining the virtual concert. 

On the 25th of September, Social U will arrive at Polytechnic University of the Philippines together with Allison Shore, Juan Karlos, Zack Tabudlo, Over October, One Click Straight, and Scye.

The last leg would be for the students of University of the East, happening on September 27. Arthur Nery, Juan Karlos, Zack Tabudlo, Fern., One Click Straight, and Autotelic will prepare performances for the concert.

The Show Must Go On: Social U Brings Back Community In Universities

Social U A Virtual Concert is made possible by Island Records Philippines and Universal Music Group For Brands, co-presented by FoodPanda, Globe Prepaid, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, and is in cooperation with We The Youth Vote Philippines.

Being physically together may not be possible, but Island Records Philippines and its partner brands and organizations believe that music still holds the power to make the hearts of Filipino students stay connected. The youth can become one—from concert sing-alongs to moving towards a greater goal for the future of the country.

To learn more information about Social U: Facebook

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