Social media is all about empowering people with your stories

Social media is all about empowering people with your stories FWD Insurance

In celebration of World Social Media Day, FWD Insurance’s campaign #StrongerYouWithFWD hopes to create a digital movement  –let’s fill our social media timeline with positive stories of strength and inspire every Filipino to  continue to celebrate living amid the pandemic.

Every day, Filipinos spend  four hours on social media, which is double the global average of just two hours. In fact, for the consecutive sixth year , the Philippines has been ranked first in terms of the time spent on social media as revealed in the latest annual report published by We are Social and Hootsuite. 

But what are we seeing on social media? Negativity? 

Shouldn’t we use our time and posts to inspire people? 

It’s high time we filled our timelines with Success stories instead. Make it all about Empowerment. Change negativity to positivity!

Social media is all about empowering people with your stories FWD Insurance

Post your story of strength

FWD Insurance’s latest activation #StrongerYouWithFWD Stories Movement aims to spread positivity and strength through  personal stories and experiences. Today, on World Social Media Day, we are inviting Filipinos to post stories about past and current struggles that they have overcome, and share with five people by tagging them so they can also join to share theirs. Every week in July, FWD will choose the 10 stories to be featured on its Facebook and Instagram pages. At the end of the campaign, FWD judges will choose the 10 most inspiring stories among the weekly winners. To know more about the contest, visit

“With the #StrongerYouWithFWD Stories Movement, we aim to remind all Filipinos of their strength and encourage them to celebrate the struggles that made them strong and thank the people who inspired them to push past challenges. In this way, we hope to fill our social media timelines with empowering stories. Because, as a brand, that’s what we do. We empower people by giving them the protection and the financial strength so they can worry less and  truly celebrate living,” says Roche Vandenberghe, VP, Head of Marketing.

Social media is all about empowering people with your stories FWD Insurance

Bayanihan with stories

The campaign draws on the Filipino bayanihan spirit—using our stories of strength to empower others. By amplifying these stories on social media, we hope to make a difference in people’s lives,  especially right now—during the pandemic—by making them realize that we have the strength in us to overcome anything. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. All we need is that extra push and a reminder that we are far stronger than we think. 

So be that extra push for others! Share your story, tag five friends, and change lives. Join the movement! We are the change that we want to happen. And we can start it with a post.

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