Make the most out of every day at home with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Make the most out of every day at home with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

As students and professionals continue to study and work from home, the demand for a powerful, multi-productivity device that can keep up with their busy and productive lifestyles continues to grow. 

To help them make the most out of their everyday routines, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S7 FE which offers some of the fan-favorite features of the Galaxy Tab S7 at a more affordable price.

Experience uninterrupted learning

Be fully immersed in learning with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s cinematic 12.4” display and dynamic Dual Speakers with Dolby Atmos. These features let students read e-books, review important school modules, attend virtual classes, and participate in online workshops without interruptions. The best part is that students can use the Book Cover Keyboard for their research papers, reports, essays, and other tasks. With its immersive screen, users can also use the tablet for personal learning, such as trying out new recipes, discovering how to do gardening, or knowing more about how to start an online business.

Make the most out of every day at home with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Pulling an all-nighter? Prepare for that test without worrying about power as the Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes with a long-lasting 10,090mAh battery. It also comes with 45W Super-Fast Charging support which lets users fully charge the device for only 90 minutes.

Express creativity anytime, anywhere

Write and draw whenever inspiration strikes with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s redesigned S Pen. It delivers smooth and sharp drawings which makes it easier and more fun to paint, sketch, and design with full creative freedom. 

Make the most out of every day at home with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Users can channel their inner artist with the pre-installed creativity apps like Clip Studio Paint, Canva, and Noteshelf. They can also learn, create, and share their own digital art through coloring books, layered canvases, and live drawing demos via Samsung’s PenUp app.

Thinking of what to draw next? Jot down ideas on Samsung Notes which instantly converts digital handwriting into text. 

Multi-task with ease

Use up to three apps simultaneously through the Multi Instance feature. This makes browsing the web, taking down notes, and streaming a video at the same time possible — all in one screen. Users can also save and quickly open their favorite apps together through App Pair, allowing them to play music in one window, read notes in another, and create sketches on Clip Studio Paint in the third. 

Make the most out of every day at home with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Level up productivity with the tablet’s Extension and Duplicated modes that let anyone seamlessly adjust their screen display. Need to transfer important documents to and from a Galaxy smartphone? Quick Share allows for hassle-free file sharing even without mobile data. Additionally, the Handoff feature lets users pick up where they left off on a Galaxy device — compose an email on a smartphone and finish writing it on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, or vice-versa.

With a powerful and reliable multi-productivity device such as the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it is now easier to maximize productivity with moments of play, even at home. This tablet, which retails for Php 39,990 SRP, is available nationwide and comes in Mystic Black, Mystic Green, Mystic Silver, and online-exclusive Mystic Pink.

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