“Sharing is Caring” Charity Activities Invite People Worldwide to Brainstorm, Execute, and Spread Kindness

“Sharing is Caring” Charity Activities Invite People Worldwide to Brainstorm, Execute, and Spread Kindness

The perfect time for kindness is now!

At a time when the world seems bleak as it caved in on the pandemic’s ongoing onslaught, Taiwan Excellence rises to the occasion and launches “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence.”  

“Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” is the first global cross-year large-scale charity event organized by Taiwan Excellence. The themes of this event will be “Social Concern” and “Environmental Protection,” combined with Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG).

The activity, which will officially launch on September 1, encouraged people from around the world to show their creativity and ingenuity to make kindness a reality!

During the international press conference on August 11, “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” global citizens were invited into coming up with creative initiatives utilizing Taiwan Excellence products and services, proposing innovative solutions, and implementing them in their home countries to specifically aid the local environment and society. The three most promising proposals from all the global entries that best embodies the core idea of this activity will receive a bonus of USD 10,000 and an execution stipend of USD 150,000 per case, in order to execute and implement their life-changing plans.  

“Sharing is Caring” Charity Activities Invite People Worldwide to Brainstorm, Execute, and Spread Kindness

Joining the “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” press conference to share their views on long-term commitment to public welfare activities, as well as, express their support for the charitable goals of “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” are Mr. Onno Purbo, an Indonesian educational philanthropist, and Mr. Ramon Macapagal, a board of trustee member of the SM Foundation (SMFI). SMFI is the corporate social responsibility arm of the SM Investments Corporation, a leading Philippine company that is invested in market leading businesses in retail, banking, and property. 

Apart from them, Minister Tang Feng (Audrey Tang), representatives of many countries with strong diplomatic connections to Taiwan, public welfare organizations, and internet celebrities from Vietnam, Honduras, India, South Korea and other countries, have all expressed support and agreement with the aim of this meaningful activity.

“Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” is sponsored by 29 of the finest and world-renowned Taiwan Excellence enterprises. The participating businesses include many globally-listed companies in Taiwan that dabble in the fields of medical care, intelligent machinery, metals, transport, information and communication technology, as well as sports and household equipment, among others. Through this, Taiwanese companies are making an active effort in emphasizing and committing to ESG and into making the world a better place to live in, one activity at a time.

Gather your ideas and help empower a global circle of goodwill through “One idea, one share, letting love last forever.”  

“Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” welcomes people from all backgrounds and from all continents to actively promote and share, and submit their proposed efforts that could spark change in their respective countries. Proposal registration runs from September 1st to October 31st. Further information can be found on the event’s official website: https://share-care.taiwanexcellence.org

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