Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement

Whatever is happening, be it as grand as opening a new business or simple joys such as relishing a good cup of coffee, people share it to the world on Twitter. It is where #WhatsHappening and even the most outspoken hot takes unfold, making Twitter the go-to place to see the latest in culture and trends.

Speaking of trends, Filipinos love to spark discussion about their at-home activities and even essentials. The prolonged stay at home gave focus on the many ways people try to cope or spice their life indoors. On Twitter, Filipinos and brands can see how consumer behavior transformed from their purpose in doing tasks to finding joy in the mundane.

“People on Twitter and the conversations that they create are what makes Twitter unique. 71% have rated Twitter as a great platform for brand interaction, making it the no. 1 among its peers. These people lead the conversation and are passionate to share about diverse topics such as beauty, food, and health. What makes them powerful as consumers is that they try, buy, and share their experience on Twitter.” shared Chandan Deep, Head of Emerging Business, Southeast Asia at Twitter.

Here are 5 key trends on how Filipinos converse around food, beverages, personal, and home care on Twitter.

  • Coping in the kitchen

Filipinos spend more time in the kitchen not just to eat, but to actually stave off boredom. Cooking and baking became the creative outlets for new skills or inspiration and part of their routine is to Tweet their creations, share their trusted food brands, or their favorite marketplace.

There is also a sugar high among Filipinos on Twitter. Sweet snacks and desserts are seen as comfort food, and brands such as Selecta Cornetto (@SelectaCornetto) are a hit among Filipinos. These are their go-to brands and retailers for packaged food:

Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement
  • Crazy about coffee

Be it breakfast or #merienda, whether enjoyed iced or hot; Filipinos love coffee. Conversations about this much-loved drink continue to grow on Twitter, increasing 3% in the Q1 2021 vs. Q4 2020, as cafes sprawl everyone and enticed people to look for innovative ways to make a statement with coffee.

The buzz doesn’t stop in coffee. On Twitter, brands such as Pepsi Philippines (@pepsiphl) captures the vibrancy of youth by tapping P-POP sensation SB19 (@SB19Official) as one if its face and voice in showing Pepsi as the hit that brings out the best in get togethers, even virtually. This proved to be a success as they topped the list of Beverage brands among Filipino consumers on Twitter. 

Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement
  • Inspired by pop culture

A fascinating trend on hair care based on what Filipinos talk about on Twitter is that Pop culture helped increase the conversation around hair care. There’s a 15% increase in the Tweet volume on hair care for Q1 2021 vs. Q4 2020 as Filipinos actively pay attention and discuss the latest hair styles or colors being sported by their fave idols.  

In the same vein, these pop culture discussions on Twitter can also spark inspiration for a unique yet compelling campaign idea. For example, a fandom banter on Twitter sparked a collaboration came true as Cream Silk (@CreamSilkPH) liked the idea and tapped Ben&Ben (@BenAndBenMusic) for a campaign.

Here are the top retailers and brands among Filipinos on Twitter:

Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement
  • Beauty inside and out

Since the pandemic, people gained a new perspective on self-care. Others are building up their skincare routine and Twitter is their go-to place to look for suggestions and tips. Moreover, bathing is not just a routine to clean up, but is also taken as a rewarding activity for Filipinos to recharge and rejuvenate. 

Here are the most talked about personal and skin care brands and retailers among Filipinos on Twitter: 

Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement

In addition, here’s a +12% on the growth of Tweets related to personal and skin care just in April 2021 vs. May 2021 alone. Part of this growth is the equally progressing conversation on tackling unrealistic beauty standards. Filipinos on Twitter are becoming more open and vocal in discussing the pains of holding themselves to the standard and what it means to embrace their own beauty.

  • Focus at home

Being at home made Filipinos be more attentive to their own space. At the start of the pandemic, people were rushing to disinfect their homes, but as the rush tapers off, what remains is the growing interest in home improvement to keep their homes safe and clean.

On Twitter, Filipinos can be seen sharing their home DIYs and aesthetic home buys–and where they discovered or bought it. E-commerce platforms such as Lazada (@LazadaPH) and Shopee (@ShopeePH) are the go-to places, but physical stores still have power among consumers.

Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement

Many are also going to Twitter for suggestions on interior design or other sulit items to spruce up their home. Filipinos on Twitter also discuss their cleaning progress and basically chat about their activities at home.

Converse to consumers

Twitter is #WhatsHappening and what people are talking about, enabling brands to connect with their audience anchored on topics, interests, and communities they are passionate about. Conversations that take shape on Twitter drive business, and here are tips to grow your brand’s community on Twitter.

  • Catch up – New product or campaign? Stay ahead of the game and launch it on Twitter to keep up with tomorrow’s consumers.
  • Connect – On Twitter, consumers buy brands that are culturally relevant. Be on top of #WhatsHappening around you, be it on daily trends or big moments.
  • Celebrate – Join occasions or celebrations and use it as an opportunity to spark conversation with your audience.
  • Converse – The community is diverse on Twitter, there are ones on gaming, entertainment, or health. Make the first move by initiating a conversation or join your audience.

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