The results are in! Did your hallyu faves and idols make the cut in Globe Kmmunity PH’s first-ever K’tizens’ Choice Awards?

The results are in! Did your hallyu faves and idols make the cut in Globe Kmmunity PH’s first-ever K’tizens’ Choice Awards?

Globe Kmmunity PH marked another milestone as it held its first-ever Kmmunity PH K’tizens’ Choice Awards on August 7, 2021, celebrating back-to-back daebak years.

An awards night for the K’tizens and voted by the K’tizens, Kmmunity PH brought together its members — a coexistence of different K-fandoms in the Philippines — with the biggest names, idols, and faves related to hallyu culture that has taken the Philippines by storm.

“Kmmunity PH has since evolved to more than just a community and it is clearly seen with the support of immense growth of the K’tizens,” said Darius Delgado, Head of Consumer Mobile Business. “The K’tizens’ Choice Awards is one way for Globe to bring in world-class digital experiences to our customers a way to enable them to be the best version of themselves while they enjoy the things that they are passionate about.” 

The event reunited Kmmunity PH with familiar friends like Kring Kim, who hosted the virtual awards night. She was also joined by Kmmunity PH’s other kyeopta chingguus who helped announce the first-ever winners of the K’tizens’ Choice Awards.

Kmmunity PH mascots, Bokki and Kimchi, as well as Little Happee stopped by to say hello. There were also special appearances by K-fangirls like Dasuri Choi and Yani Villarosa, as well as one of today’s top hallyu vloggers, AC Soriano. 

It was a close call as K’tizens’ voted across the different K-tegories but there can only be one who comes out on top. Check out the full list of winners that were announced from each K-tegory of the memorable first of many K’tizens’ Choice Awards:

  1. K-FOOD: K’tizens’ Fave Mukbang Meal – Rameyon / Ramen
  2. K-MERCH: K’tizens’ Fave Shop – WeVerse Shop
  3. K-APP: K’tizens’ Fave K-App – VLIVE
  4. K-BEAUTY: K’tizens’ Fave K-Beauty Brand – The Face Shop
  5. K-DRAMA
  6. K’tizens’ Fave K-Film – You Drive Me Crazy
  7. K’tizens’ Fave K-Drama Series – Vincenzo
  8. K-EVENT: K’tizens’ Fave Kmmunity PH Event – Stray Kids e-Fan Meet (Globe Kmmunity PH Live: Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids)
  9. K-POP
  10. K’tizens’ Song of the Year – “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids
  11. K’tizens’ Album of the Year – “Go Live” by Stray Kids

The fun doesn’t stop with the event as Globe Kmmunity PH continues to find more ways to keep K’tizens excited, engaged, and entertained.

More limited edition K-merch for K’tizens

Kmmunity PH supports avid fans and their quest to build their collections and makes exclusive and limited edition hallyu merch available through

BLACKPINK fans, there are Reinvent merch from shirts or caps bundled with mugs that will look perfect in every K-fan’s shrine. What’s more is that for every purchase of Reinvent Kit earns them raffle tickets to win a signed BLACKPINK poster or photocards!

More fuel for your fandom

Globe fuels the fandom further by coming up with promos that enables K-fans to live their fan life to the fullest. So that’s endless surfing, chatting, binge-watching, and keeping yourself updated about all things K.

Globe Prepaid customers can surf to their heart’s content with Go+99. This comes with 8GB of data for all sites and another 8GB for apps of your choice — that’s a total of 16GB coupled with unlimited all net texts valid for seven days. 

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi is currently available for only Php 499 until August 26 only. This one-time fee already comes with the modem as well as FREE 10GB data good for seven days upon activation. 

BLACKPINK fans looking to build their collections for their shrines can still avail of the Globe At Home x BLACKPINK LTE-Advanced Modem now only for Php 2099 until December 31, 2021 or until supplies last. On top of the 10GB data valid for seven days upon activation, the limited edition modem includes BLACKPINK photocards, stickers, and a photocard holder. For more details visit Globe’s online store here: 

Load up and register to these promos through the Globe At Home or GlobeOne apps, available for download on Google Playstore for Android devices, and the App Store for iOS devices. 

Kmmunity PH has built a safe space for passionate K-fans to share their love for the K-culture fandom and will continue to deliver unique K-content, experiences, and events to keep the passion going. 

Missed the Kmmunity PH K’tizens’ Choice Awards? No worries! Simply join Kmmunity PH Facebook group and rewatch it over and over again: 

With exclusive experiences like Kmmunity PH’s K’tizens’ Choice Awards, it’s truly the best time to be with Globe! Don’t miss out on more exciting updates, announcements, promos, and events on all things K-culture by following Kmmunity PH on Twitter and joining Kmmunity PH’s groups on Facebook and Viber.

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