Push of employees to help others in the pandemic steers creation of Mondial Direct

Push of employees to help others in the pandemic steers creation of Mondial Direct

The recent past has been a turbulent time for most. Everyone did their best to stay afloat and earn a stable income. Some went online to sell food while others took the opportunity to bring in products relevant to the times and maximized the network of their employees.

This is the story of Mondial Direct, a new arm under Mondial Medical Technologies, distributor of quality and cost-efficient medical equipment & supplies.

What started out as a lifeline at the onset of the pandemic shortly triggered the birth of a new division within Mondial Medical Technologies. Bringing these developments to a full circle, Mondial Direct is in the same business of creating lifelines, selling life-enhancing and life-supporting products in healthcare.

Early last year, when it became evident that everyone needed to protect themselves by wearing face masks and face shields, and by aggressively using sanitizers, the leaders of Mondial Medical found an opportunity to help and better sustain the lives of their employees.

Their people were on board and took up this opportunity to earn more to heart – as it not only helps their families but the people around them as well.

“When the program was introduced, I was excited! Not just of the extra income I can potentially earn but also because the products we were bringing in were really one-of-a-kind, like the Ozobarrier which is a very portable gadget that helps clean the air around you. My friends & clients really saw its importance during the early days of the pandemic.” says Lorenzo De Guzman Jr., Warehouse Associate of Mondial Direct.

The thought of building a consumer division has long been in the plans of Mondial Medical Technologies. They saw its importance and the potential of expanding the business to serve the general public. However, given the impact of the pandemic, things had to move faster because the consumers were itching to get their hands on innovations that could protect them from the virus.

The path to formalize Mondial Direct was thrilling for the team. They saw that a platform serving innovative wellness was needed, shaped by the current landscape of society. With this, Mondial Direct was able to bring in innovation after innovation, which, at the onset, the public had no easy access to. They introduced Aeris Active, the first powerful & all-purpose surface cleaner and disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & fungi continuously for seven days; Airwheel F3 Mask, a smart mask that has a unique dual option ventilation system and an efficient 5-layer filtration technology for better protection; and Maskshield+ Protecting Spray, an innovation from world-renowned Thai company Tigerplast, that helps increase filtration capability of fabric face masks.

Mondial Direct changes the mindsets of Filipinos on healthcare, making them more conscious of the improved choices available for them. It also helps create a more active Filipino consumer base that seeks quality, efficacy and value for money with innovative consumer healthcare products.

And with such a thoughtful initiative, Mica F. Tan, head of MFT Group, a private equity firm that operates Mondial Medical Technologies among other entities, finds it very gratifying to witness the birth of Mondial Direct as they continue to actively pitch to bring in more relevant products to the market so Filipinos can achieve better health and quality of living. They are ready to push forward and have their eyes locked on filling the space of innovative wellness, as proven by their collection of products where people can gain access to the future of personal healthcare today.

Mondial Direct is in the business of bringing innovations in areas of personal & home care and medical devices within your reach. Their product lineup consists of only the most carefully-sourced, top-of-the-line items which aim to provide the utmost safety and protection for you and your family. Like their page on Facebook (fb.com/mondialdirect), follow them on Instagram (@mondialdirect), and shop their items over at their website (mondialdirect.com.ph).

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