Onora helps Filipinos honor their loved ones

Funeral App helps Filipinos honor their loved ones Onora

Losing a loved one is never easy, no matter what the situation. Adding to the grief, is the process of organizing the funeral; where to begin, what services need to be engaged, what decisions need to be made, by who and when? In recent times, travel restrictions preventing mourners from physically being with their loved ones to support each other and collaborate on arrangements has only made this job harder.

Though everyone grieves in different ways, we can all agree that having a process to help plan a service that honors your loved one takes away at least some of the worry from an already stressful situation. This is where Onora, the Philippine’s first funeral services app comes in.

Onora, the First Funeral Services App in PH

Onora is the first funeral services app that provides users with the ability to browse a network of pre-authenticated service providers, collaborate with family, schedule and book all through a smart phone.

The Onora app features a wide, yet established circle of credible funeral service providers across the Philippines. This means that no matter where you may be in the world, you can have access to Onora’s vast network of funeral homes, florists, caterers and other related services. 

This groundbreaking application is a helping hand for reviewing and selecting services that, unfortunately, everyone will need at some point. It is constantly updated and readily available when the need arises.

Funeral App helps Filipinos honor their loved ones Onora

Onora: Honoring Loved Ones

Founded by respected funeral industry veteran, Mister Benjamin E. Dychangco, Onora is the marriage of new technology and generations of experience observing the functional and emotional side of funerals and memorials. “Aside from the obvious practical advantages Onora’s  tech provides by making planning easier, lifting the mental load allows mourners time to grieve, reflect and respect their loved one”. 

“Onora means honor in the Gaelic language, and we believe that to honor a loved one should be the only thing that you focus on during this trying time. With Onora, we hope to make the grieving process just a little bit easier.” says Mr. Dychangco.

You can download Onora on Google Play Store and it will be soon available on Apple App store.

To know more information about Onora PH, visit www.onora.ph/ or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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