Are You Living in a Covid-Free Home?

Are You Living in a Covid-Free Home? Panasonic

Cleanliness is one of every family’s top priorities–especially in this new normal. Aside from having clean hands, clean gadgets, and a clean home, we also need to be sure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy. By maintaining a safe environment in our own spaces, we also contribute to the prevention of the novel coronavirus from spreading.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), poor air quality puts people with underlying medical conditions at a higher risk of developing severe diseases from COVID infection.[1] Hence, we see the importance of clean air for our health and well-being, especially during the current global health crisis.

Building a COVID-Free Home with Panasonic nanoe™ X Technology

More than a year into this pandemic and the world is still trying to search for more ways to keep everyone safe from contracting the disease. Both the public and private sectors are always on the lookout for more ways to protect our families. Panasonic, a trusted brand that provides #JapanQuality products, dug even deeper to find more solutions that would cater to people in the next and better normal. 

Panasonic helps you protect yourself and your family through nanoe™ X Technology, which are nano-sized atomized water particles released by Panasonic products, such as its Premium Inverter Split Type and Deluxe Inverter Split Type Air Conditioners. nanoe™ X has been certified by Texcell, a French global contract research organization, to inhibit 99.7% of the novel coronavirus in a 6.7m3 space in just 24 hours.[2] It deodorizes foul odors, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, provides moisture to the skin and hair, and is effective in eliminating dust, allergens, and pollens for a fresher, cleaner indoor environment—keeping your living space fresh and clean for you and your family.

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