What’s in your pantry?

This pandemic taught us to always be ready. We don’t know when will the goverment declare another lockdown or what quarantine classification will it be for the month or next few days.

With that, we need to fill our pantry cabinets with food supplies.

For families with kids or those who just loves to eat spaghetti for lunch or snack, a pack of spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce is a must. Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce is not just sweet, but meaty and cheesy too, a sure treat to spaghetti lovers.

Shopee x Del Monte

Del Monte Sarap Savers Party Pack – Filipino Style: https://shopee.ph/product/162960662/4901681311

Binge watching your fave series or movies? Get a pack of potato crisp biscuit. Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuit provides savory snacking experience of eating chips.

Shopee x Del Monte

Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuit 80g: https://shopee.ph/product/162960662/5679603175

Feeling the heat? Try a glass of cold Del Monte Tropical Punch Juice Drink. This newest flavor from Del Monte is a refreshing and sweet juice drink wth a unique blend of pineapple, orange and banana. It’s also healthy with 100% Vitamiin C and no added sugar.

Shopee x Del Monte

Del Monte Tropical Punch Juice Drink 1L Tetra (LIMITED EDITION): https://shopee.ph/product/162960662/5384747515

A nice dessert is a good way to finish your meal, a healthy one is a better way. Try the newest summer variant from Del Monte Fruit Cocktails. It is made with a well balanced mix of high-quality premium fruits like pineapple, papaya, nata de coco and now with langka.

Shopee x Del Monte

Del Monte Fiesta Langka Fruit Cocktail 432g (LIMITED EDITION): https://shopee.ph/product/162960662/9327181589

For juice lovers, Tipco 100% Juice offers a rainbow of healthy options with different variants that are made with 100% real fruits and/or vegetables. Try their newest limited-edition flavor – Tipco 100% Lychee Fruit Juice. It is made with all natural lychee and coconut juice with no added sugar, no preservatives, no colorants and no articial flavorings. It is also high in Vitamin A, C and E.

Shopee x Del Monte

Tipco 100% Lychee Fruit Juice 1L Tetra (LIMITED EDITION): https://shopee.ph/product/162960662/7084732727

Want to surprise your family with a BBQ weekend? Impress your loved ones and cook like an expert. Create delicious barbeque dishes with Del Monte Quick N Easy BBQ Marinade. It is made with the right blend of real spices and soy sauce, that takes out the guesswork in achieving the perfect BBQ taste.

Shopee x Del Monte

Del Monte Quick n Easy BBQ Marinade 280 ml in Glass Bottle: https://shopee.ph/product/162960662/4484739386

These are just a few suggestions of what to keep. What’s in your pantry cabinet? Shop Del Monte products at 10% off at Shopee’s 6.6 – 7.7 Mid-Year Sale.

For more products and information, visit Del Monte Shopee Store here.

Find delicious and easy to prepare recipe ideas in the Del Monte Kitchenomics App, now available in Google Play Store and App Store.

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