V Magic Philippines launches Transformation Program

V Magic Philippines announces the launch of the Transformation Program.
Photo by V Magic Philippines

V Magic Philippines announces the launch of the Transformation Program. V Magic is a professional skin care with over 10 clinics and experience centers across Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines. The formulations of the brand prioritises adaptogens, which are herbal pharmaceuticals that counteract effects of stress in the body.

Solving pimples, wrinkles, scars and/or blemishes have always been associated as an expensive process without guaranteed results. As life gets more complicated with the prolonged stay-at-home period, different sets of challenges for our wellness-both physical (body and skin) and mental (mind) have emerged-one of which is skin concern.

A skin concern is caused by any or all these three major factors:poor lifestyle habits leading to poor health; an always anxious state of mind causing a troubled mental health; use of wrong products with wrong formulation leading to skin damage.

V Magic has launched the Skin Transformation Program, a treatment program that brings together technology and the latest advances in skin care to solve the root cause of one’s skin concerns.

V Magic Philippines announces the launch of the Transformation Program.

This treatment program provides patient-clients a time bound and step-by-step plan which clearly outlines the steps they must embark on to solve their skin concerns. Treatment for skin concerns is split into four priority areas, based on V Magic’s latest research. This priority system allows patients to understand which skin concerns must first be solved.

After taking a skin typing session with a V Magic Medical Aesthetician, a patient-client’s overall wellness is assessed and a treatment priority is recommended.

The Korean Wave has given rise to the general public’s awareness and obsession with the multi-step skin care regimen without understanding the principles behind why these formulations and ingredients work.

This leads to a confused and discouraged public after spending and investing on products or treatments that do not provide desired or expected results.  

V Magic Philippines announces the launch of the Transformation Program.
Photo by V Magic Philippines

An important aspect often missed out is the effect of our physical and mental well-being to our skin and body. Drinking less than 5 glasses of water daily or often sleeping less than 6 hours manifest in our skin and body.

V Magic addresses all these three problems –  habits, mind and skin concerns through its Transformation Program. The Skin Typing session is powered by technology that understands your choices and habits. Your consultation call will reveal your habits that need to be improved, which shall be factored in as your commitment in your treatment plan.

Technology aids both Medical Aestheticians and patient-clients to remember the commitment to change poor habits. It also provides a quick and easy way to track one’s progress on a day-to-day basis. To add to that, the Medical Aesthetician assigned to the patient-clients helps keep track of their progress as their accountability partner making sure that they get the maximum benefit of the program.

“The smallest improvements to ourselves add up to our life’s biggest changes,” shares Anne Calsado, Senior Aesthetician at V Magic Philippines. “Changes do not happen overnight. Day One is always better than having a commitment to improve your mind, body and skin wellness one day.”

If you want to embark on a journey to improve your holistic wellness – mind, skin and body go to vmagic.shop/transformnow. This landing page will provide you more details about the program. Taking the assessment form will also determine if you are qualified to join.

Patient-clients who do not qualify for the program are those who need urgent assistance by Medical Doctors due to  potential melanoma or skin cancer already progressing. We inform patients within 24 to 48 hours of their results and refer them to another health professional regarding the current concerns they have.

“The experience was transformative and the best part of it, I can do it at the safety of my home” shares Jemy Pastor, one of the first patient-clients who participated in the soft launching of the program.

“After going to different clinics and using different products, I learned that achieving clear skin requires more of a commitment to improve your wellness rather than just using an expensive and complicated routine. I am very satisfied with the care V Magic has given me,” testimonial of Kate Rufo who has been part of the program since its mid-February 2020 launch.

Take action today. Achieving wellness should always be our top priority. Instead of saying “I’ll do it next time or someday”, make today your Day One. Hurry and check if you qualify for the program by visiting vmagic.shop/transformnow.

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