Known for his unique approach to Philippine cuisine, JP Anglo has captivated the taste buds of both local and foreign customers. When asked to make a menu using Marks & Spencer ingredients, he immediately shared restaurant-quality homemade dishes that are simple enough to recreate by both budding and expert cooks. 

How did you come up with these recipes? Anything or things you had in mind while whipping them up? Please describe how they are special and perfect for the occasion.

JP: I asked my wife what she wanted to eat and she wanted something that she can do or replicate even when I’m not home and so I made use of Marks & Spencer products that are readily available online so she wouldn’t have a hard time buying them. The ingredients are pretty much ready to mix and cook, so it’s something that anyone can do. The dishes I made are something that’s not too heavy, something that doesn’t require a whole production in the kitchen and not a whole lot of dishes to clean (always my wife’s request). 


I used a lot of the ready-made pasta sauces, also some pesto in a bottle because my wife wanted to learn how to do something fast. I especially liked the cooked ham! It’s really tasty and filling. Also something that you can make use of are their jams. My wife loves fruit jams and it goes well with savory dishes like ham and cheese. The soups will also come in handy, so I’d stock up on those. 

A lot of us now, especially those who weren’t used to cooking, have started taking a hand at it having been confined in our homes for a long time. There’s also the challenge of preparing different dishes every day. How do you think Marks & Spencer ingredients could help us with this?

JP: Marks & Spencer products are so easy to mix and match and they are quite easy to prepare. You don’t need a lot of cooking skills and you would also save on having to make things from scratch. It’s a one stop shop and you can just buy everything online, or just quickly go to the mall and buy everything in one shop–from pastas, crackers, soups, wine and juices. There’s food for the whole family–kids to seniors. 

Any Marks & Spencer Food recommendations based on what you used in these recipes?

JP: I would definitely recommend buying the ham, the chips, and the pasta sauces. The Sparkling Florida Orange and the Blackcurrant Conserve are really good, too! There’s so much more I want to try but so far, all of these ones that I got are really good, tasty and easy to play around with. They have a fair selection of wine, too. 

View Chef JP’s recipes using Marks & Spencer ingredients here:




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