MAPFRE and Philippine Red Cross partner to provide Filipinos with world-class care and insurance

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MAPFRE Insurance and The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) launched their partnership product – The Prestige Membership Card, on March 3, 2021 at the PRC Headquarters in Ortigas City, Manila. The event was attended by select media partners and PRC Chapters. From L-R: Vanessa Lee Calixto, PRC Director for Fund Generation & Business Development; Pamela Joy Co, MAPFRE Philippines VP & Head of Corporate Global Unit; Elizabeth Savalla, PRC Secretary General; Senator Richard Gordon, PRC Chairman, Tirso Abad, MAPFRE Philippines President and CEO; Lorenzo Luis Liborio Gallardo II, Insular Life Head of Corporate Division; Nino Dau, MAPFRE Philippines, Business Line Unit Head for Miscellaneous Products.

MAPFRE and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) have recently launched a strategic partnership, promising to provide Filipinos with world-class care and insurance amidst the challenges of unprecedented times. The partnership leverages on MAPFRE’s years of experience in providing a wide range of insurance solutions (car insurance, home insurance, accident insurance, and much more) and PRC’s expertise in delivering healthcare services to the Filipino people. Sharing the same advocacy of enabling nation-building, MAPFRE and PRC aim to provide more quality services to protect Filipinos everywhere. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly upended even the most basic aspects of everyday life, making the MAPFRE-PRC partnership timely. In the Philippines, there are only an estimated six doctors for every 10,000 people — a problem that has only become exasperated as the pandemic strains the nation’s healthcare system. The increased burden on the national healthcare system has left fewer resources for Filipinos seeking medical help in general, heightening the need for additional accessible and affordable healthcare services.

The partnership is indeed timely as it specifically introduces the PRC Prestige Membership Card, a new addition to PRC’s roster of membership cards which is a form of donation. This is the only card that gives its members both life and non-life insurance coverage; with the life insurance also covering death due to COVID. PRC Prestige Membership also offers benefits including: 

  • Priority assistance on blood requests
  • Priority access to ambulance services
  • !0% Discount on Safety Training
  • Accidental Death and Disablement Cover worth PhP200,000
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault Cover worth PhP200,000
  • Term life coverage worth PhP 200,000
  • Fire cash assistance worth PhP 20,000

These benefits cover emergencies, sicknesses, disasters, and even death subject to insurance cover terms and conditions. Insurance cover for non-life benefits is automatic upon purchase while life insurance cover must be activated via a microsite (

During the launch last March 3, 2021, which was held at PRC Headquarters in Ortigas and attended by select media partners and PRC Chapters, PRC Chairman and CEO Senator Richard Gordon hailed the partnership as a crucial step in extending essential services to the most vulnerable Filipinos. “More than just allowing MAPFRE to extend their reach, the partnership also lets the PRC fulfill its mission of helping those who need it the most.” Additionally, the partnership is emphasized as a good way for availing corporations and individuals to further their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This will also strengthen PRC as an organization, providing Filipinos with an additional safety net for their health and security. 

“This partnership is very timely as the COVID-19 situation stressed the importance of prioritizing one’s health. By collaborating with the Philippine Red Cross, we are able to reach and provide protection to more Filipinos through the non-life and life coverages from MAPFRE and Insular Life,” shared Tirso Abad, President and CEO of MAPFRE Insurance Corporation. 

Together, MAPFRE and the PRC urge every Filipino to support the move towards a better and healthier Philippines. Though the partnership is just one step in the journey, it is a necessary one nonetheless. 

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