Blahza dives deep into romantic nostalgia on “Scared of Heights”

scared of heights

Blahza propels his breezy hip-hop sound to a more palatable direction on his latest track “Scared of Heights”—out today on all digital and streaming platforms worldwide. 

Released under Umami Records, the song dives deep into themes of romantic nostalgia and pandemic anxiety to create something that matters in the broadest sense. “It’s not easy to admit when you don’t have courage, but it’s so relatable because we all fall short in some aspects, especially love—when the past year has made interactions very limited,” Blahza reveals.

Blahza puts into perspective how important the song meant to him, and for the most part, how its message could resonate to music fans of all stripes. “So many of us don’t take the opportunity to even say hi to someone we’re are crushing on for fear of rejection or making ourselves look dumb. This song is about finally saying hello and starting that dream relationship you want and can provide.”

The multi-talented rapper/producer also pointed out how “Scared of Heights” is a personal anecdote of him being infatuated with someone in his teenage years. “All the times growing up when I was really into a girl who was in my class and didn’t know how to tell her that I liked her,” he admits. “The countless memories imagining what I would say when I finally built up the courage.”

Tucked somewhere between Plain White T’s alternative pop leanings and Post Malone’s titanium-grade hooks, the rising hip-hop artist and songwriter embraces his more vulnerable side in songwriting, and drops memorable verses over moody but immaculate production. 

With its icy breeziness and stripped-down appeal, “Scared of Heights” easily ranks as one of his most accessible yet earnestly compelling releases so far, firmly establishing himself as one of the formidable forces this side of Asian-American rap.

Listen to “Scared of Heights” via Umami Records:

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