Employees are any organization’s most important asset. They are the backbone to help businesses thrive. While a good salary can make employees stay in the company, employee retention goes beyond financial compensation and adding value like health and life insurance to their benefit package can help sustain and increase their productivity. 

In line with the company’s mission of helping every Filipino achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a major life insurance company in the Philippines, is offering various employee healthcare benefit packages through its Sun Life Grepa Healthcare unit. 

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Sun Life Grepa Healthcare’s employee benefit program for different group sizes is designed to provide a holistic approach depending on where the business is currently at in their life cycle – whether it be a start-up, a growing business or an established enterprise. The main focus of this program is to help employers provide insurance with maximized benefits to its workforce to increase productivity and satisfaction, as well as build a foundation of trust between the employer and the employees.

“Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their company are more likely to perform well and even go beyond what is required of them,” says Peter Miranda, Vice President for Sun Life Grepa Healthcare. “By securing their health and wellness, it shows that you, as employer, are invested not only in what they can contribute for the company, but also in their future.”

“Through our program, we’re committed to being with our clients and their employees in every step of their wellness, protection, and recovery journey. This is especially timely in light of uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team can assist in creating a life coverage and health benefit package that may help your company not just retain, but attract quality talents at a reasonable cost,” Miranda added.

Unlike regular group coverage, Sun Life Grepa Healthcare’s employee benefit program offers predetermined levels of life, accident, disability, and medical coverage that the company can customize depending on their employees’ needs. It addresses wellness needs by providing quality treatment through the inpatient and outpatient medical benefits with access to over 900 hospitals and clinics as well as over 17,000 doctors nationwide. This is reinforced with coverage in the company’s preferred hospital, clinic or doctor with out-of-network reimbursement as well as the 24/7 client care hotline.  Meanwhile, its protection benefits offer life insurance coverage anytime, anywhere and against any cause of death (subject to company’s terms and conditions) while also providing disability and terminal illness benefits as well as accident insurance with medical reimbursement. It also has recovery benefits in place which provide guaranteed cash benefit in case an employee is diagnosed with any of the 36 most common critical illnesses allowing them to better manage the costs of getting treatment. 

Be Hyped to Ignite Productivity (Be HIP) and make Sun Life Grepa your Health Insurance Partner (Get HIP) today. For inquiries about the Sun Life Grepa Healthcare Program, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch or email

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