Is Probiotic Skincare Worth the Hype?


By now, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of probiotics for gut health. But did ayou know that the same microbe-friendly philosophy can benefit your skin too? 

Probiotics benefit the skin in three important ways—first, they serve as a preventive barrier that stops microorganisms from prompting an immune response. This results in a more calm environment for your skin. Next, they help produce antimicrobial peptides that combat bad bacteria. And finally, they boost the skin’s ability to protect itself from free radicals, as well as sun damage and pollution,” explains MJ Jamias CEO, Researcher, and Cosmetic Scientist. 

The combination of these benefits, drawn from the probiotics, all help to reduce inflammation that ultimately, helps prevent premature aging. 

So What Exactly Are Probiotics? 

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms—most of which reside on your skin. According to research, some of these microbes promote skin health. They can help boost your skin’s natural barrier against bad bacteria and balance your skin’s pH levels. 

When you expose your skin to harsh soaps and cleansers, you essentially strip your skin of these healthy bacteria—which damages your skin’s natural bacterial ecosystem. The result? Dry skin that’s stressed that is prone to breakouts and inflammation. 

This is where probiotics come in. 

Probiotics are similar to the naturally occurring bacteria found in our gut. And the more good bacteria you have, the more likely you can prevent bad bacteria from causing problems with your overall health. 

In skin care, probiotics help optimize the healing benefits of good bacteria. It serves as your skin’s protective shield, reduces inflammation, and prevents premature aging—basically keeping the natural balance of your skin. 

Choosing the Right Probiotic Product For Your Skin

There is a host of probiotics-infused skincare products available in the market today—but it’s important to know that not all products are made equal. 

Just as you want the right probiotics in your gut, you also want to make sure that you apply the right probiotics on your face. So you want to choose one that’s anchored on pioneering technology and high-quality ingredients,” says MJ Jamias CEO, Researcher and Cosmetic Scientist.

For options, consider Japonesa®️ Soap—a first of its kind bar infused with probiotics and lactoferrin that feeds your skin with active ingredients scientifically developed to keep skin healthy. The nourishing combination of ingredients helps boost skin rejuvenation and shields our skin from harmful external factors. Plus, its powerful blend of natural ingredients also helps balance your skin’s pH and strengthen its moisture barrier. 

Healing and nourishing your skin is essential to its health. Quite simply, that’s what probiotics can do for you, which you can easily get from every bar of Japonesa soap,” ends MJ Jamias CEO, Researcher and Cosmetic Scientist. 

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