Mars Petcare to end pet homelessness in the Philippines

Mars Petcare, the producers of Pedigree, Whiskas, and other well-loved pet food brands, will soon unveil the Better Cities for Pets Movement (BCFP) in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia. The program aims to end pet homelessness by elevating the reputation of stray animals, heightening awareness on stray pet adoption, and working with public and private stakeholders to create a warm and welcoming environment for pets – be it in animal shelters, homes, or public spaces. 

In an interview, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society revealed that there are around 12 million stray dogs and cats that wander around the Philippines. Stray dogs and cat usually end up in animal pounds, where they are euthanized after a certain period if no one adopts or claims them. The Animal Welfare Act of 1988 allows the killing of animals when the purpose is done for animal population control. Those that are not captured by local animal pounds are vulnerable to starvation, diseases and animal cruelty.

BCFP aims to end homeless by showcasing the beautiful and unique traits of stray animals in the Philippines. BCFP will also be collaborating with public and private stakeholders to encourage stray animal adoption, and educate them on how to become the best pet parents they can be. Finally, it will work with public and private stakeholders to create safe and warm spaces for stray animals, whether they are in the animal shelter, at home or in a public space. 

Mars Petcare believes that pets make the world a better place and are committed to live its purpose ‘A Better World For Pets’.   In the next couple of months, Mars Petcare will be rolling out exciting and meaningful partnerships to animal welfare organizations and animal welfare advocates to ensure that no pet in the Philippines is unwanted, unwelcome, and uncared for. Stay tuned!

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